Reclaiming Sexual Energy for Growth

A Blog by Lisa Citore

I begin these writings in humble devotion to the sacred temple that I and all human beings come from-red root lotus, through which I have experienced my harshest wounds and highest peaks of bliss. Ecstatic gate to which I return to find my Self.

I begin on the night of no moon, lying on a white sand beach somewhere in Thailand, with one hand cupping my beautiful furry girl and the other resting between my naked breasts-with one foot on the other side of heart break and one still standing at the doorway of disbelief that I will ever love and be loved in the deep orgasmic way I have known.

Here, listening to song of the ocean, letting the waves wash over me, as one by one stars pop out of the sky, reminding me that even the darkest` night is full of surprises.

Our Yonis Have Genius, Power and Magic in Them

(I'm sure Goethe would appreciate the twist) Imagine if all women lived from and in devotion to our vaginas. If when we woke in the morning, the first thing we did was pet our furry girls. And when we walked into the kitchen, we’d ask our lady lips what they wanted...

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All the Voices Inside My Vagina

It took me ten years to come to terms within myself, let alone share with anyone else, that I had been raped by six of my classmates, some of them my “friends,”  the summer before senior year of high school. It took almost another twenty years to start piecing...

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Sexual Practice is Meditation for our Hormones

Just as we meditate to still the mind, awakening the pleasure body also requires practice. Many women feel intimidated when I ask them about self pleasure. Some confess to not knowing how to give themselves an orgasm-so they don’t see the point of a pleasure practice....

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Meditation Goddess Style

I notice there is a different quality to my meditative experiences as I deepen in my pleasure practice and attune more and more to my feminine essence.I notice that my inner feminine being experiences expansions of consciousness differently than my inner masculine....

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Pleasure as a New Spiritual Path

   “I want to make Tantra yoga as main stream as Hatha yoga, and orgasms as much a part of women’s self care as brushing our teeth,” I bravely declared ten years ago in a community circle, where we were each asked to share our personal mission. The tent went...

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Ecstatic Embarrassment Syndrome

  I'm currently teaching a women’s sexuality circle, and the morning after the second one, I had both the thought of “Why haven’t I/we been doing this all along?” and “I fully understand why I haven’t led these kinds of circles for years.” Because opening to sexual...

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The Scent of Desire

My vagina and I are beginning to have real conversations. Though I nicknamed her Penelope, yesterday she told me her real name: “She Who Desires.” I remember this name from past research on Mary Magdalene. Among other translations, Magdalene was a title that meant...

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Desire as an Antidote for Depression

I’ve struggled on and off with depression for most of my adult life, trying to relieve it with everything from positive thinking, to changing my diet, to exercise, to medication. Some might say that I’m a serial depressionist. I go down, sometimes deeper and for...

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Orgasmic Spring Cleanse

Anatomy of an Orgasm Did you know the clitoris is not just a tiny little concentrated bundle of nerves on the hood of your vagina, but actually has energetic roots extending all the way down your legs to the pulsing magma core of the earth, as well as up through your...

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