Divine Feminine Initiator. Intimacy Whisperer. Creative Sparker. Ceremonialist. Guide.

A survivor of sexual abuse, assault and cervical cancer, Lisa has been on her own healing journey with her body and her feminine being. She is a strong believer in the mind/ body/ spirit connection and has been trained in Hakomi, a psychosomatic therapeutic modality, through the Hakomi Institute of California. She has certifications in Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga, breathwork, Lomi Lomi massage and Reike. She has received trauma training through the Dharma of Trauma and Domestic Violence Solutions. She has studied Light Body Work with the Four Winds Society and has extensive knowledge of Goddess practices and ritual through the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is a certified medicine guide through the Center for Conscious Medicine. She is the founder of Tantra Games, Awaken your Feminine Fire (a women’s sexual self mastery series) and Anima, Theater of the Feminine Underground (a performance art collaborative, where women turn their wounds into wisdom through creative expression). She is the writer, producer, director and a performer in four theater productions, including the Tao of Sex, Riding the Dragon, Keep it Wet and Bloodlines-women’s moon stories. She offers transformational, in-person and online coaching for women who want to live a more embodied, easeful, pleasureful, abundant, creative and self-directed life. She also helps couples bring more passion, depth, authenticity, creativity and fun into their love life. In addition to her regular coaching sessions, she offers alternative journeys for those who want to take a more quantum leap into their personal growth. Lisa is working on her first book, Self Worth – a mother’s journey of loving her daughter through domestic violence. She currently resides with her beloved in Santa Barbara, California.