Pleasure Activist. Performance Artist. Writer. Sex Educator.

Lisa Citore looks sex, desire, relationship, intimacy, and feminine empowerment straight in the face. She has a way of turning on and stirring up any crowd, invoking raucous laughter and revelation in audiences around the globe.

Lisa Citore in black dress looking upOn Valentines Day 2014, Lisa started a year-long blogging experiment to explore the relationship between pleasure and women’s health. She’s sharing her experiences, thoughts, and wisdom along the way as part of her daily practice.

Keep It Wet, Lisa’s latest production, debuted in the winter of 2012-13 to sold out performances at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. Lisa’s poem, “If You Want to Change the World, Love a Woman,” written in 2008, has widely circulated the blogosphere, inspiring hundreds of thousands.  Her previous theater productions—all performed to sold-out venues-include Riding The Dragon, 2008;  Bloodlines, 2007; and The Tao of Sex, 2005. She is a National Slam Poetry finalist and wrote greeting cards for twenty years while raising her now full grown and ever fabulous daughter as a single mom.

In her own transformational journey around sexual abuse,  Lisa is a thriving example that within our wounds lie our greatest gifts. She offers a variety of programs-including sex positive talks, power pleasure sessions and sexuality liberating intensives at universities, conferences, and festivals on the relationship between pleasure and women’s health, creativity and empowerment.

Lisa has extensive knowledge and training in the tantric arts and Goddess practices and has been coaching men and women and leading sexuality workshops for over a decade.  In 2015 she offers her Women’s Sexual Mystery School®, where women of all ages and experience can cultivate their sensuality, vitality, creative expression and feminine bodily wisdom.

Lisa is laughing, loving and fucking her way through middle age, inspiring both men and women to new possibilities for sex, relationship, and global stewardship. As far as she is concerned, the modern sexual crisis is no less important than the environmental one, and more related than we think.

“When human beings learn how to access and allow our sexual energy to flow through us, naturally, freely, as it was intended, we will evolve from an all-consuming to a more self-regenerating species.”

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