Nothing worthwhile comes without fear.

 Fear is the gatekeeper of worthiness.

For example, when we go after an impossible dream, we feel both our fear of failure and the awesome reality of our dream coming true. Our unlimited potential is always followed by our fear of the thought of actually realizing our potential.

Why is this?

Energetically speaking, fear is a contracting, imploding force or the movement away from our greater potential, whereas courage is an expanding, radiating force towards our greater potential.

Just as fear would not exist without the knowledge of infinite possibility, we could not know our courage without knowing our fear. Fear and courage work together, creating a dynamic tension, which makes the movement towards our greater potential possible.

All creation is the result of dynamic tension. Even equilibrium or empty space is actually the dynamic tension of the contracting and expanding forces of the universe, held in perfect balance.

Though we humans experience varying degrees of fear throughout our lives, most fear remains unconscious within our root chakras, along with our dormant life force and potential.

This fear protects old thoughts and beliefs that at one time were important for our survival. When we shine the light of our consciousness onto these old hidden beliefs and attempt to introduce new beliefs at this survival level, it is like going to war with ourselves, because in the root chakra everything is black or white and change is the equivalent of death.

Which is exactly why most of us choose not to go all the way to the bottom of our fear of rejection, humiliation, loss, pain and death.

What happens instead is the combination of our unconscious fear and the knowledge of our true potential will continue to rise up and act as a seemingly sabotaging force in our lives, attracting the experiences our fear seeks to avoid.

The opportunity is to change old thought and belief systems in our root chakras. But more often than not, we don’t see the opportunity. We only feel our painful experience and our need to be done with it as soon as possible. Our unconscious fear gradually consumes our life force and we become embodiments of fear rather than infinite potential.

 My point is, realizing our infinite potential is not just about expansion. It’s also about being willing to consciously meet ourselves in contraction. (And even pumping our shadow aspects, so to speak.) For example, I used to do affirmations regularly to cultivate positive thinking and remind myself of my infinite potential. Now I make time for what I call negative affirmations, saying things like, “I am unworthy of love. I am irredeemably unworthy of love.” I sit by a fire and cry and hold myself in my tender, deeply buried feelings of unworthiness.

Another way of calling up our dormant life force and fear around it is through our desire.

Like our life force, most humans only have access to a small percentage of their desire, the bulk of which is also suppressed by layers of fear. And most of us can only feel our desire through external stimuli. We’ve forgotten how to activate it on our own.

Our desire — or power to choose to open or close to our life force — and our infinite potential begins in the pelvis.

And our resistance and our desire to open work together. In fact, our resistance actually strengthens our desire to open. And the dynamic tension between the two of them is what calls forth our life force that burns away fear.

But to understand how this works, you have to FEEL it in your body.

In next week’s video I’m going to share two simple resistance stretch exercises that awaken energy and dissolve scar tissue (which is really layers and layers of unconscious fear that’s become solid), in the pelvis. Specifically, these stretches correspond with the kidneys and the bladder.

If you haven’t felt any energy in your pelvis for a long time, you’re in for a real treat. You have to work for it, but knowing how to access and strengthen the power of your desire is worth it. And knowing how to dissolve unconscious fear and unworthiness is worth it. Results aren’t instantaneous, but over time I guarantee you will feel more alive.

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