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Keep it Wet: Sex as Comedy

Keep it Wet is neither a how-to manual or a primer on positions, and it’s certainly not a dry textbook approach to finding sacredness in sex. In fact, the smart-and-sexy stand-up comedy-style show is laced with the same kind of personal and outrageous humor that characterized the two previous theater pieces Citore wrote, directed and produced: The Tao of Sex and Bloodlines.

Lisa Citore Talks Sex Ahead in Stand-Up Show, Keep it Wet, at Center Stage Theater

there must be a deep commitment to love our bodies, and I’m talking about just as committed as we are to getting our college degrees or pursuing our careers or tending to our marriages and families. This is more important than we know. Through self-love, we unplug from our unconscious guilt around our humanity, sexuality and our choice to incarnate and reclaim our innocence.

Lisa Citore’s My Two Cents On Sex Light Addicts & Riding Dragons

Lisa is funny and heartfelt. She’s a beautiful amazing dynamo. This should be a a great show and I would be there except I’m leading the Pink Panther Rides Again ArtRide through the streets of Ventura.

If you want to change the world… love a woman

This poem spoke to me in a deeply profound way. It brought tears of recognition of something sacred that is possible when we realize, men and women, the immense sacred mystery that is woman. What might shift if we all came to love a woman, deeply, in this way. To realize woman as the gateway to life, to know we have all come into the world by way of a woman can completely shift how we see ourselves as women, how we see each other, and how we might more deeply honor and respect the mystery of life and the mystery of woman.

3 Question’s With Lisa Citore about Bloodlines

Some pieces of the show are hilarious, wicked, edgy-others are beautiful and profound. But all of them recognize the mystery that is within us, and the beauty of the feminine aspects of the world as expressed through menstruation.

Bloodlines for Edhat

As you might imagine from its title, blood is practically a character, menstrual blood. Playwright Lisa Citore was inspired by the need to coach her daughter through the young woman’s first cycles, giving her an empowered view of the world. Empowered it is. Empowered to the point where we hear about giving birth to little red hieroglyphics.

Women To Perform Local Artist’s New V-Day Play, Bloodlines

Local poet and storyteller Lisa Citore recently created “Bloodlines,” a new series of theatrical productions that will focus on sexuality, femininity and issues surrounding women’s menstrual cycles. Like “The Vagina Monologues,” “Bloodlines” – which will open March 15 at the Center Stage Theater in downtown Santa Barbara – will be produced as a series of monologue readings performed by 13 women from different cultures, generations and backgrounds…

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