Dear Sisters,

I want to talk to you about something that goes beyond life or death in its level of importance. I want to talk about how to generate the energy and resources you need to live your soul’s gift to the world.

Even if you haven’t discovered it yet, you have a unique gift to share with the world. The awakening and expression of this gift is both your soul’s deepest desire and your personality’s greatest fear.

This is because in order for your soul to realize its potential, you must be willing to allow your life to changeThough your soul knows this change is for your happiness and highest good, your personality might have a completely different outlook. Your personality wants to play it safe. In fact, the nature of the personality is to see all change as unsafe. To mask its fear, the personality often plays a victim or martyr role, saying things like, “I don’t have time or the energy to do anything more than what’s in front of me.” Though it may suggest you take an art or writing class to make yourself feel better, your personality might never allow you to take your art or writing seriously enough to share it with the world — OR (heaven forbid) value it enough to charge money for it!

Does this sound familiar? If so I hope you’re still with me, because the story I have to share about my own journey with this subject doesn’t end in limitation. And yours doesn’t need to either.

 My own creative awakening has been a slow process. I was raised in a suburban home where the art matched the furniture, and creativity was neither valued nor cultivated. Though I wrote stories and put on family theater productions with my cousins, and though I sang in the church and high school choir, my parents (and perhaps my own) first real recognition of my creative talent was not until I was 26 years old and was the only hire amongst over 500 applicants as a greeting card writer for a well-known greeting card corporation.

 The connection between creativity and worth — specifically getting paid for my creative gifts — has been a double-edged sword in my life. On one hand, it’s been a ruthless judge that, at times, has squashed my creative process. On the other, it’s been the driving force that refuses to let me get away with keeping my gifts to myself.

At American Greetings, my first “AHA!” moment came when a visionary editor (who is now the head of the entire editorial department) asked me to submit all of my greeting card rejections for a potential new card line that was neither conventional nor humorous. We called it “Alternative Conventional.”

After years of feeling like an impostor because I had so many more rejections than acceptances, I gave her my “No” stack and, indeed, we started a new card line. The “Alternative Conventional” team of writers and artists we assembled worked together for the next decade.

This experience taught me two things. The first is to value and honor my creativity no matter what. The second is that what looks like a rejection in one moment can turn into a big hit later on.

Flash forward to 17 happy years in the greeting card world. I was ready for a bigger vision – one that was my own. Though I loved having a creative job, I felt a deeper calling. I didn’t know what it was when I left. All I knew was that I needed a change.

My exploration of Tantra began as one of those on-the-side things that deepened when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In the process of healing my own sexual wounds, I recognized the profound value of this work and wanted to find a way to share it with others. After completing a three-year Tantra yoga certification program, I quit my cushy corporate job and moved across the country to California to begin a new career as a sex educator, coach and healer.

I was thrown into the Tantric pool with everyone from sex workers to sexless new age teachers, none of whom I could really relate to. Just like in the greeting card world, for years in the Tantra world I felt like an impostor. Only this time I didn’t have the structure of a corporation to hold me and (more importantly!) pay me as I found my “Alternative Conventional” voice.

I didn’t have a corporation to market me either. Who knew marketing would play such a big part in my soul’s awakening and expression?  Not me. And if your experience has been anything like mine, you’re probably well acquainted with feeling like a big loser because you don’t know how to market yourself. I’ve since discovered that marketing is a whole ‘nother level of the creative learning, awakening and expression process that is just as rich as the rest of it.

If you Google on-line marketing videos and courses, you will hear over and over that courage, confidence, clarity and passion are a must in successfully selling yourself and creating a profitable business.

When I heard this, my big questions were: where do these qualities come from? And how do we summon them? Can anybody be confident and passionate? Do we need something in particular to be passionate about? What if we don’t know what that is yet? Or what if we haven’t felt passionate about anything in a long time (if ever)? Does that mean someone is just not a passionate person?

The missing link between what the marketing experts tell us to do and our ability to actually follow their advice is… ENERGY. Awakening our voice and gifts and having the courage, confidence, clarity and passion to share them with the world requires tons of energy! Fortunately, our most powerful resource is right within our bodies. It’s the energy we create life with. It’s our sexual energy.

Just as most humans only use 10% of our brains, we also use only a small percentage of our life force. So how do we awaken this dormant life force? With our desire. And the combination of our life force and desire becomes sexual or creative energy that we can use to birth our dreams into the world.

In my 10 years of working in the field of sexuality, I’ve created all kinds of juicy classes and workshops, I’ve guided beautiful Tantric ceremonies, I’ve written, directed, produced and performed two theater productions and three one-woman shows, all centered around the feminine sexual experience. I’m currently working on a book and two funny, sexy videos from my poetry that I’m finally putting to music. So exciting! My point is that I’ve found my “On” switch.  And I can help you find yours.

The attached Ecstatic Feminestation video is a super easy sex magic practice to help you awaken your desire, life force and your sexual, creative energetic flow. No matter what stage you are in your soul’s awakening and expression, this practice will jump-start you in taking your next step.

And if you want to learn more, go to my website, and sign up for my Women’s Sexual Mystery School! Get on my email list and you’ll get Three Tips To Turn On Your Feminine Sexual Superpowers and receive updates about my future online course coming next year. AND if you’ve liked anything I’ve shared, please comment below. If you have friends who would benefit with this work, please pass this link on to them. Thank you!

Love and Shakti,








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