Standup Comedy

by Lisa Citore

Irreverent, unapologetic, witchy, and bitingly smart, Lisa’s stand-up performances turn-on, un-hinge, and wake up audiences to the power of sex unedited, desire unleashed, and love unbound.

Lisa confronts head-on how our fear of desire has resulted in both an exploitation of and suppression of sexuality. Her mission to free desire from the chains of guilt and lack, and return it to its rightful place in the human experience, comes through her raw humor, biting wit, relatable anecdotes, and lyrical spoken word.

Keep it Wet (2012)

Smart, Sexy Stand-Up Comedy In the winter of 2012-13, Keep It Wet opened to sold-out performances at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. This dramatically irreverent, 90-minute one-woman show fearlessly addresses women’s sexuality, rage, and power. Eliciting...

Sex, Light Addicts & Riding Dragons (2010)

Sex, Light Addicts & Riding Dragons confronts an addiction to enlightenment among spiritual seekers, fear of the shadow parts of ourselves, and how the very things we think are good for us can keep us the most stuck. After sold-out performances and scores of...

Stand-up Debut (2009)

  After a bad break-up In the winter of 2009, Lisa Citore delivered her stand-up premier to a packed (100+) wine bar in Santa Barbara, CA. She received a standing ovation, followed by a buzz around town demanding more of her angry and funny female rants. And the...

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