Wednesday February 5
at 7pm
Center Stage Theater

 $24 Prepaid | $29 at Door

A spoken word, dance, song and performance art collaborative…

of women’s secrets, dreams, sexual fantasies, revelations, rants and vulnerable reveals.

Lisa Citore is the writer, director and producer of four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories, Riding the Dragon and Keep it Wet.

Photo Gallery

Anima Creativity Lab 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7-9 pm beginning March 16

Do you have a story to tell?

A mix of imagination meditations, free writing with prompts, improvisational expression, creative direction and group sharing and witnessing will help you to bring out  your inner muse, writer and performer.  

Men and women welcome 

6 Wednesdays  $20/ lab or $90 for all six

Location:  Fishbon’s Pescadrome 101 S. Quarantina (warehouse building – entrance door is off the side street) 

Contact: for more info or to register


I’ve always loved ritual theater as a way of honoring my soul and bringing  meaning to poignant moments in my life. This act of honoring strengthens everything from my creative muscles to self worth, because putting a story into form, as a poem, song, dance or performance,  requires commitment. It requires spending time with my Self, through which I always discover hidden beauty. I believe every human being is creative.  Everyone can learn how to see their lives through artist eyes.  It’s just a matter of attention. Whenever we bring our full attention – our heart listening and bodily intelligence and expression  to an experience – we become more aware the details, the  subtle movements and colors within it.  We become more aware of its multi-dimensionality and release the power and the git within within our experience  – not only for ourselves, but for others. 

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