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Sex and the intimacy that comes from it is one of greatest joys of being in a relationship. It’s what keeps couples close and what can create distance between them when it’s not happening.

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I guide couples into having hotter, deeper sex by helping them to:

Reignite their attraction for one another
Rediscover their erotic selves and what turns them on.
Bring more sensitivity, vulnerability and depth to their sexual experience
Have more honest conversations with each other about their fantasies, needs and desires
Expand their erotic playgrounds by offering them fun ways to explore, learn and grow together

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Couples come to me for different reasons:

  • Often people have different arousal languages. They want different things in sex. One wants more presence and heart to heart connection. The other wants more playfulness and animal desire.  Different is not a problem.  It’s just an invitation for communication and creativity.
  • Sex can get tangled up with conflicts between couples and the withdrawal of sex can be an expression of unresolved anger. I teach couples how to communicate their wants and needs so their partners can hear them.  I also help them to remember that while it’s important to process disagreements, it’s equally important to leave their sexual connection out of it.
  • Sometimes sex was never good to begin with and neither one knows what they want, let alone how to ask for it. Along with a lack of confidence, there’s often shame or a fear of inadequacy or rejection underneath.  Being a sexual late bloomer is not a bad thing.  Maybe one or both partners weren’t ready for all of the powerful feelings and sensations that come with deep sex.  And now is the timing is right.
Lisa Citore Couples Sex Coaching
Lisa Citore Couples Sex Coaching
  • Sex has always been good, but there’s a curiosity about what else is possible. A couple may want to be pro-active in tending to their sexual fire. They may want some support in keeping their love life fresh and exciting. They may want to become more sexually self aware and learn new skills for attuning to and arousing their partner. They want to learn Tantric practices to use their sexual energy for enhancing vitality and expanding consciousness.
  • Sex has been shut down for years. There are wounds and words unspoken. There may still be love, but all attraction and desire is gone. There’s talk of separating and divorce. Sex and intimacy coaching is a last resort. And to the couple’s surprise, it’s often the key that opens the door to new ways of relating.

Whatever you’re facing, whatever your sexual his or herstory, whatever wounds you come with, whatever your preferences are, you deserve to have a fulfilling sex life and be with a partner who can meet you all the way.

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When couples work with me, they discover:

Sexual happiness is each person’s responsibility and nobody else’s.

Sexual chemistry isn’t just cultivated by intimacy. It also requires polarity and mystery.

Good communication skills are the best friend of a healthy sex life.

Just as there are different love languages, there are different languages of arousal.

Sex is an expression of love and with it comes a need for patience, acceptance and a willingness to trust and be generous.

Sexual confidence comes with practice.

Sex is a form of play and play is one of the best ways to create new neural pathways and change habitual patterns so both partners can grow.

Email Lisa to schedule your free 15 minute call to hotter, deeper sex

How I Work

I create a safe, non-judgmental space for couples to share their feelings, desires, hopes and fears. I give them a weekly structure to support them in prioritizing their sexual relationship and staying on track with their intentions.

I help couples to explore in detail their sexual his and herstories and peek encounters. I help each of them to identify their personal erotic themes and find mutually satisfying ways to play together.

Through focused inquiry, sentence stems and guided connecting experiments, I inspire honest conversations about sex and intimacy between couples. Even for those who have been married for decades, these conversations are always enlightening and alivening.

In each session I give couples simple practices to experiment with each other and share their feedback. By slowing things down and inviting mindfulness into sensuality, partners can more easily see the ways they check out and block pleasure and deeper connection.

My focus is on a couple’s pleasure rather on their problems. When there is spaciousness and flow, we feel it as positive energy or pleasure. When there is constriction or stuckness, we feel it as negative energy or pain. I help people free up mental, emotional and physical constriction and stuckness, so they can experience more pleasure in their bodies, in their relationships and lives.

I coach from a place of creativity. I respect what each person brings to the table. I don’t know the answers for anyone. But I trust the process. I trust that when people come together with a mutual goal magic always happens. To me, making love is like making art. Both people come with whatever they’ve got. They come with their self and body images. They come with their personalities and whatever moods they’re in. They come with their unique stresses. They come with the flavor of the week. Sometimes sex is messy or strange or ordinary. Sometimes it’s a masterpiece. One person brings pastels. The other brings the dark, bold colors. That’s what makes it interesting.

Lisa Citore

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