If you are a woman, you possess shamanic power. Because of your inherently receptive nature, because you are capable of giving birth, and because you experience death and rebirth through your body every moon cycle, you have direct access to the natural elemental powers that sustain all of life.

Consider the acorn. It knows its purpose and has all the energy it needs to fulfill its purpose. The same goes for you — and realigning with the elements (fire, water, air and earth) is a potent way to do this.

 As women reconnect with nature, we reclaim our divine place and path in the world, and we receive access to everything we need to fulfill our destiny.

With clarity of purpose, we gain understanding of ourselves, our desires, our challenges, our wounds and all of our past that has brought us to this moment of Self-realization.

Understanding brings trust. Trust empowers. When a woman trusts herself, she knows how to raise children, how to sustain loving relationships, how to thrive in careers that not only add to her abundance, but bring healing and beauty to the world.

As a woman who knows and shares her beauty, you raise the vibrational frequency of the universe. Like the evolutionary leap of the first plants who opened into flowers, women and the feminine essence are birthers of a new humanity.

Cosmically speaking, now through the end of March 2015 is a time of great purification and alignment with our deepest soul’s desire and direction. As women open to our divine feminine essence, the world will shift to meet us in their higher aspects. This includes the men in our lives, the governments, and even corporations.

 This evolutionary leap begins not in our heads or even in our hearts, but within our pelvises-where our power to CHOOSE begins.  Either we magnetize our infinite potential through our DESIRE… Or we suppress, sabotage and even violate our Self through our DENIAL. (And when I speak of denial, know it is interchangeable with fear and karma.)

When I chose the date for my Women’s Sexual Mystery School, which begins Saturday March 7, I didn’t know the astrology in play… but I’m smiling at the auspicious timing.

 In the first session (sign up here), we will learn how to access through ritual the wisdom and power of our elemental elders – air, fire, water, and earth – within our bodies. We will also initiate the release of old sexual wounds and false programming so we may enter into a new conscious relationship with Shakti, our feminine sexual energy.

 If you have been feeling stuck, confused or distracted, if you feel like your life is lacking meaning, if you have warring parts within you, or if you just don’t have the energy to change and move forward on your soul’s path, you have blocked energy in your lower chakras. Your life force and desire is being blocked by unconscious Self-denial (karma and fear).

Just like the elementals, your sexual energy is an elder aspect of your being that knows your wounds and gifts better than you do. It knows how to access them and how to free them. It is the fire that burns away karma and fuels your Dharmic life purpose path.

If you are ready to step into Shakti’s initiatory fire, go to my website and sign up for my Women’s Sexual Mystery School! Get on my email list and receive Three Tips to Turn on Your Feminine Sexual Super Powers and receive updates about my future online school coming next year.

And if you have friends who might benefit from this sacred women’s work, please share this link with them. Thank you!

Love and Shakti,


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