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Women’s Sensuality Salons

How might your life be different if you had been initiated into your feminine sexuality not by a boy, who probably knew less than you, but through a ceremony of women? Women who knew the creational mysteries, who could teach you how to activate your feminine power, who not only gave you permission but instruction on how to bring yourself to pleasure.

How might your life as a woman be different if you had cultivated your own relationship with Shakti, your sexual energy, first before sharing her with others? If you had learned the language of your body and how to listen to your yoni’s voice and how to feel her yeses and nos.

How might your life be different if you grew up valuing and trusting your feminine sexual being and body, rather than feeling ashamed or afraid of her? If you lived from and in the flow of your deep feminine wisdom-recognizing your feminine organs as your inner elder council that you could turn to for support and guidance. How might your life as a woman be different?

Lisa offers introductory 1 and 2 hour small group  immersions into divine feminine ritual and sacral embodiment practices upon request. 

To arrange to bring her to your next women’s group or for a fun,  enlightening and enlivening girl’s night in, feel free to reach out to discuss possibilities. 

Women’s Ritual and Renewal Campout - April 12-14 2024

A weekend of ceremony, self-love and sisterhood

We will gather in a beautiful mountaintopl sanctuary in Santa Barbara, California to deepen our listening to our inner guidance and healing intelligence.Our intuition rarely speaks in words. More often, it speaks to us in feelings and symbolic images.  It communicates through our emotional bodies and imaginal intelligence.  To hear its voice, we have to get out of our heads.  We have to get still and quiet. We have to let go and relax. Relaxation is the foundation for everything from receptivity to connection to transformation. Together, in ceremony, we strengthen our surrender muscles. With the help of the Mother, her plant allies and each other, we will reconnect with our self worth and trust and feel a renewed sense of why we’re here and what we came here to do. 

Arrival is Friday April 12 at 3 pm for an earth-feeding ritual and sharing circle. Our journey Saturday will include yoga, breath work, sacraments,  sound baths, expression circles, dance and somatic meditations. On Sunday, we will have a yummy pot luck breakfast, followed by an integration circle and the day will be loosely structured for connecting with each other and basking in nature. 

 Specific location & other logistics given upon registration

Cost: $500

Free Support Group for Mothers of Daughters of
Domestic Violence (MDDV) -2nd Tuesdays beginning May 14

Starting online Tuesday May 14, 12 – 1:15 pm PT and the 2nd Tuesday of every month thereafter

Sometimes the suffering that comes from watching someone you love suffer is worse than having to go through it yourself. I once said to my daughter, “ I wish I could take this for you.” Learning to love and let go, to have an open heart and at the same time, have boundaries, has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. One I’ve had to navigate, for the most part, alone. Although there were support groups for survivors of abuse, there weren’t groups (at least not that I could find) for mothers who had to feel the pain from the sidelines.

Yes, 12 step groups, like Al-Anon, have been helpful, but domestic violence has its own set of circumstances, and I found myself feeling alone at the meetings. After a while, I stopped sharing with friends who would feel helpless and soon became exhausted from listening. I understand. Helplessness is probably the most painful of all feelings.

In wanting to understand my daughter, I joined DV survivor chats and group calls. Many of the women on the calls had horrific stories. Some were being dragged through courts by their ex-husbands, who had abused them, and were suing them for custody of their children. Some had to choose between being homeless vs. staying with their abusive spouses. I thought, “Where are these women’s families? Where are their mothers?” After two years of on and off rushing in to help my daughter, only to have her go back to her abuser, I started to feel my own resentment, hurt and anger. I realized it’s not that these daughters mothers didn’t care. They were probably just burned out after years of drama. While it’s true it’s not our jobs to rescue our daughters, it is to our benefit, as well as our daughter’s, that we, as their mothers, keep our hearts open and stay connected – that we hold both  statistics in one hand and miracles in the other.  They say it takes a woman on average seven times to leave a domestic violent relationship before she can leave for good. But it’s less when she has at least one person in her life (other than her abuser) who she knows loves her unconditionally.

lisa citore women's events

This group is to give mothers of daughters in domestic violent relationships a place to share our unique stories and honest feelings. It’s a place where we can go to resource ourselves and not feel so alone. Although this group is not affiliated with any other groups, I will be using some of the principles I learned in the training I received through Domestic Violence Solutions.

The format for the group will be as follows:
10 minutes allotted for guided meditation or a somatic, self-care practice or inspirational reading, followed by time for individual sharing. We will end with a poem or closing prayer. For now, I will be facilitating the circles. I’m hoping, as we go, regular women can take turns leading the group.

lisa citore women's events

Here are some themes from my personal journey that I hope to discuss with our group:

  1. Understanding the drama triangle of victim, violator and rescuer and our part in it
  2. Recognizing the projections we put on our daughters and their abusers, including our wants, needs, hopes and fears, our unhealed wounds and unrealized ideals
  3. Learning how to embrace our feelings of guilt, helplessness, hurt, fear and anger rather than push them away or be crushed by them
  4. Learning how to care for our nervous systems and manage our own inner state
  5. Making the commitment to practice non-violence with ourselves, as well as with others
  6. Cultivating real inner strength that our daughters can see, feel and lean on
  7. Cultivating personal faith and connection with our own spirit as well as our daughter’s spirit
  8. Learning how to love with impact and use our words and actions wisely and strategically
  9. Being in relationship with the enemy
  10. Staying connected to our daughters while being true to ourselves (and not getting pulled into the dysfunctional system)

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