What kind of relationship do you have with your desire? Do you trust your desire? Do you feel your desire and desirability flowing through your body on a regular basis or only in particular situations? Do you allow your desire to ignite the passion of your emotions or do you try to keep your emotions under control?

The emotional body, which is associated with our feminine aspect, has gotten a bad rap. We say things like, “She’s over emotional” or as my 24 year old daughter says, “Don’t get all emo on me.”

From how we educate our children to how we run our businesses, we value logical thinking more than emotional knowing, when actually the reverse should be true.

 Did you know, for instance,  that our emotional knowing is quicker and more accurate than our logical thinking when it comes to making good decisions? That our emotions, when freely flowing, can actually enhance our mental faculties? And that our judgment is muddled only when we don’t have a healthy relationship with our emotions? In fact, it’s when we cut ourselves off from our emotions, that we run the risk of becoming irrationally rational.

Emotions, or energy in motion, are sparked by our desire. We either like something or we don’t like it. We want something or we don’t want it. The seat of desire is in the pelvis. If we have a relationship with desire, which is the directional force of Creation, we trust its movement through us. We trust that what we feel and want is what the whole of Creation wants. We don’t second guess ourselves or our choices. We move forward with conviction and with the multitude of universe.

 Contrarily, if we don’t have a relationship with our desire, we won’t trust it. We won’t be able to feel our desire without accumulating (consciously or unconsciously) a sense of guilt. Incidentally, the Buddhist definition of guilt is double-mindedness. We will either experience an undercurrent of guilt along with our desire, or we will suppress our desire completely, making decisions from our mental rather than emotional body.

Unfortunately, mental takes of situations access much less of our brains than emotional takes, and provide us with far less information to base our decisions, as compared to the multi-dimensional perspective that is possible through our emotional intelligence.

Meaning when we are intimate with our emotions and our desire, when there is communication and relationship, we feel our yeses and our nos as clear as we feel our own heartbeat. And to the degree we feel our yeses and nos in the body, is the weight they will carry in us and in the world.

Clarity anchors our commitment. And commitment cultivates power.

 A woman’s clear yes or no is unmistakable. I was once walking back to my friend’s apartment late at night in San Francisco when a group of guys across the street started shouting lewd remarks at me. I ignored them and walked faster, but could feel them walking faster along side of me. One of them started to cross the street.

To this day I can’t explain what happened. A voice came through me that was ten times bigger than my 5 ‘ 4” a hundred and thirty pound frame. All I knew was having been molested as a little girl, raped as a teenager and attacked in a park in my late twenties, I was absolutely complete with sexual violence. I stopped, turned to my potential attackers and shouted,“No!” to which they howled and laughed, but they didn’t cross the street. They left me alone, even though any one of the six of them could’ve easily taken me.

Not that any woman ever consciously chooses to be sexually violated.

The problem is when girls or young women are sexually penetrated before forming our own relationship with desire, we will tend to experience desire only through other’s desire for us. We will see desire, the directional force of Creation, as outside of us, and be afraid of it, or we’ll crave it like an addict, as an object or victim of it, or we’ll feel powerless in our lives without the constant reassurance of another’s desire.

 My intention for the Women’s Sexual Mystery School is put women back in the desire seat, so we can fully feel our yeses and nos, and wield creational energy, with simultaneous openness and boundaries, so we become the directors of our lives.

So what does it mean to have an intimate relationship with our desire?

Someone once told me “it’s not what we do, but what we don’t do in life that fills us with regret.”

If you have a hard time making decisions, if you have perpetual self doubt, if you start projects but can’t seem to ever carry them through, if have been sitting on the fence about various things in your life, chances are you are accessing only a small portion of your desire and emotional intelligence.

If you’re even ten percent ready to be the powerhouse you were born to be, go to my website right now and sign up for my Women’s Sexual Mystery School. Or get on my email list and receive your 3 tips to turn on your feminine sexual super powers. And if you like what I’ve shared, leave a comment and please pass this on to any girlfriends who might benefit from this sacred women’s work. Thank you!

Love and Shakti, Lisa


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