Next session begins winter 2024

In this 9 session experiential online series, you’ll gain a Tantra tool box of practices, ranging from heartful to sensual to playful, to turn on desire, heighten pleasure and deepen intimacy.

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Make more love in 2024

Tantra Games for Couples will meet for 9  consecutive
Tuesdays on Zoom 5:30-7:30 pm PT (8:30-10:30 pm ET)

Limited to 8 couples.  The current series is full and is not accepting new couples. 

Who wants to talk about sex?

Session themes:

1. Getting reattracted
2. Becoming sexually mindful
3. Meeting your erotic self
4. Learning each other’s arousal languages
5. Creating your personal sex playlist
6. Telling each other the hot truth
7. Letting your fantasies out
8. Getting dirty together
9. Tantric sex and sexual healing

Connect mindfully with other couples

Each online circle will open with a group share (based on inquiry questions given ahead of time), followed by a short talk given by mwa on the theme for the evening. Then, I’ll guide 1-2 couples practices and we’ll circle back up as a group to share our experiences. Each session will come with fun homework assignments.

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Give your relationship the gift of becoming better lovers

9 sessions for $400.  This series fills up quickly so email Lisa to find out more and send in your $100 deposit.  Circles are limited to 8 couples.

“This was a game changer for us. We’re so much more freed up sexually. We’re discovering things about ourselves and each other we never knew, even after 25 years of marriage.”
“It was edgy being in a group, talking about our sex lives, but Lisa creates a safe space where couples can share honestly and be inspired by each other. A fun growth experience!”
“He wanted me to be more animal. I wanted more depth and connection from him. We both got what we wanted in this class.”

If the group format is too edgy for you, Lisa also offers private coaching for couples.

1 hour in-person or Zoom sessions for $150 or book 6 sessions for $10 ($135/ session)

Schedule your free 15 min call to hotter, deeper sex

Led by Sex and Intimacy Coach, Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore is a pleasure activist, performance artist, writer, sex educator and shadow worker. She offers couples intimacy coaching and personal activation sessions for women’s sexual and creative empowerment. She is the founder of Awaken Your Feminine Fire, an online and in-person self mastery course for women. She is the creator of Anima, Theater of the Feminine Underground and Anima Creativity Lab workshops for women. She’s the writer, director, producer and a performer in four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories, Riding the Dragon and Keep it Wet. She runs Tantra Games among other fun, sexy events. She has studied with top teachers in the field of Tantra, including Shakti Malan, Michaela Boehm, David Deida and Bodhi Avinasha. She is trained in somatic therapy through the Hakomi Institute of California. She has acquired extensive knowledge of Goddess practices through her studies with Ariel Spilsbury and the 13 Moon Mystery School.

All ages, sexual identities and preferences welcome.

Note: This circle is for couples only. Email Lisa to receive the payment and Zoom link and other details.. Please arrange on the Tuesday calls to both in the same space (sharing the same device) so you can do the practices together. 

lisa citore tantra games

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