Couples Love Retreats

These 1 day retreats are for couples who have done regular private coaching with me. In addition to my therapeutic assistance, we will be using a cacao, kava and damiana tea that relaxes the nervous system and opens the heart, allowing for more soul to soul connection and truthful communication. Partners are more able to see themselves, eachother and the issues they are dealing with from a higher, more compassionate perspective. They are more able to see their allyship in difficulty. Because different parts of the brain are activated, they can more easily access their imagination and creativity and envision new possibilities.

Lisa Citore Couples Love Retreats
Lisa Citore Couples Love Retreats

Love retreats are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The duration for these journeys is about seven hours, beginning at 9:30 am and ending around 4/4:30 pm. They include two 1 hour preparation Zoom calls to help couples clarify their intentions for our work together and two 1 hour integration Zoom calls to support them in bringing the wisdom they received from the journey into their relationship and daily life.

Cost: $1500/ love retreat         Preparation and integration sessions: $125/ each.       Total: $2000