Reclaiming Sexual Energy for Growth

A Blog by Lisa Citore

I begin these writings in humble devotion to the sacred temple that I and all human beings come from-red root lotus, through which I have experienced my harshest wounds and highest peaks of bliss. Ecstatic gate to which I return to find my Self.

I begin on the night of no moon, lying on a white sand beach somewhere in Thailand, with one hand cupping my beautiful furry girl and the other resting between my naked breasts-with one foot on the other side of heart break and one still standing at the doorway of disbelief that I will ever love and be loved in the deep orgasmic way I have known.

Here, listening to song of the ocean, letting the waves wash over me, as one by one stars pop out of the sky, reminding me that even the darkest` night is full of surprises.

Jesus Know What Rape Feels Like

I've been feeling my Christian roots lately and am wondering what it would be like to have a religious ritual where instead of worshipping one man who died for our sins, we get to each stand with our arms spread across the cross and be witnessed by the congregation in...

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Why Positive Thinking Only Gets You So Far

You’ve been around the spiritual block. You’ve read The Law of Attraction and The Secret. You know you are what you believe. You understand that negative beliefs attract negative experiences and positive beliefs attract positive ones. And in the last decades, you’ve...

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Holy Menage!

I have an idea for a movie where a woman, who discovers her husband is having an affair, seeks out the woman he’s having sex with.  The wife, Eva, is a sexually conservative fiftiesh woman. Lily, in her late thirties, is a sexual free spirit. The husband, Adam, and...

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Talk Dirty to Me

I'm making a raunchy rap video (coming to youtube sometime early winter). And in the process,  I’ve become acutely aware of the judgment people have around women talking dirty. Initially, my girlfriends were all over it.  When I first shared my rap song with them,...

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Seducing Your Inner Tyrants

What is the value of the masculine to you? What is the sacred purpose of the masculine in your life? When a male friend first asked me these questions, I honestly didn’t know how to answer him. When I finally did answer, I felt waves of sadness because my personal...

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How to Live More Spontaneously

Choice has been both the greatest blessing and curse in my life. When I feel like I don’t have a choice, I panic. Alternatively, not having any choice is sometimes the only way I’ll surrender into unknown territory. Choice always brings up doubt. And yet, I’ve learned...

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How do you experience Surrender?

What is your relationship with surrender? What is your experience when you land on the surrender square in the game of your life? Do you embrace the opportunity to let go? Or resist it with every fiber of your being? Can you drop into the vast emptiness that surrender...

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Are you a Girl or a Goddess?

 Session 3 of the Women’s Sexual Mystery- Awakening the Temple Priestess: The Art of Sensual Intelligence- is coming up!  If you are curious about Tantra and wanting to experience more eroticism in your relationships and in your life, this session is for you! Along...

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Women need each other to heal

This past weekend, on the eve of a lunar eclipse and full blood moon, women gathered together for session 2 of The Women's Sexual Mystery School to intimately get to know our pelvic temples and reclaim the wisdom within our feminine organs. We began our day with...

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The Last Place I Ever Thought To Look

I learned yoni massage and pelvic release during my 3 year Tantra yoga certification program in the late ‘90s. But the profoundness of this work didn’t really sink in until recently, when last year I committed to my own daily pleasure practice, spending time with my...

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Where do you meet your wildness?

Last night I had a dream a wild dog pup came to the basement door of my childhood home.  It looked like it had been through some shit, with bloody patches of fur missing and all skin and bones. The basement of my house growing up had big sliding glass doors that...

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