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Reclaiming Sexual Energy for Growth

A Blog by Lisa Citore

I begin these writings in humble devotion to the sacred temple that I and all human beings come from-red root lotus, through which I have experienced my harshest wounds and highest peaks of bliss. Ecstatic gate to which I return to find my Self.

I begin on the night of no moon, lying on a white sand beach somewhere in Thailand, with one hand cupping my beautiful furry girl and the other resting between my naked breasts-with one foot on the other side of heart break and one still standing at the doorway of disbelief that I will ever love and be loved in the deep orgasmic way I have known.

Here, listening to song of the ocean, letting the waves wash over me, as one by one stars pop out of the sky, reminding me that even the darkest` night is full of surprises.

Take Back Your Beauty

Recently we had a women’s circle where we talked about our changing bodies and our feelings around them.  Not surprisingly, even the younger women, with seemingly perfect forms and few lines on their faces, had body shame, which affected everything from their self esteem to their sense of sexiness, desirability and beauty.  But what was more disturbing (and comical I

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Sexying Up Your Summer

Summer is a time to bring out your sexy and your inner seductress even if she’s been in the closet for a while. Just like women have different outfits for different occasions, we hold an abundance of feminine archetypes within our psyche that we can call on for inspiration. For some, the seductress archetype comes naturally.  For others, she takes a

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How to get Unstuck

One of my most beloved spiritual teachers, Pema Chodron, talks about a Tibetan word called “shenpa,” which is the condition of being stuck, of being completely taken over and “hooked” by something. You’re so emotionally hooked, you can experience physical pain. Shenpa is involuntary and often leads to habitual behaviors that reinforce feelings of powerlessness.  Shenpa is the condition of

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My Depression Breakthrough

Some years ago, in a suicidal moment. I remember having this thought:  “If I want to die this much, there must also be an equal part of me that wants to live.” If I hold a secret death-wish, I must also hold a secret life force. The catch, however, was how to access this life force in my depressed state. Whenever

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Fierce Feminine Shadow Work

It must be part of the cosmic joke that our liberation lies in the last place we’d think or want to look – our pain. Humans fear pain almost as much as we fear death. Fear and pain are two alleys we’d rather not walk down. But if you take a closer look, and see fear (other than the kind

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Jesus Know What Rape Feels Like

I’ve been feeling my Christian roots lately and especially a soft spot in my heart for Jesus, ’cause this is a brother who knows what rape feels like. I once facilitated this sort of improvisational shamanic performance art group called Riding the Dragon. The purpose of the group was to give movement and expression to whatever was arising from within

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The Awakening of Feminine Sexuality

I created the Women’s Sexual Mystery School with three specific goals in mind.  1) To return sexuality back to its sacred seat – not just the act, but sexual energy itself, which is the energy of Creation. 2) To expand our understanding of sexual energy beyond what happens in the bedroom to how our sexual desire and pleasure are connected

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Why Positive Thinking Only Gets You So Far

You’ve been around the spiritual block. You’ve read The Law of Attraction and The Secret. You know you are what you believe. You understand that negative beliefs attract negative experiences and positive beliefs attract positive ones. And in the last decades, you’ve made a conscious effort to choose beliefs that are more in alignment with your greater good and happiness.

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Holy Menage!

I have an idea for a movie where a woman, who discovers her husband is having an affair, seeks out the woman he’s having sex with.  The wife, Eva, is a sexually conservative fiftiesh woman. Lily, in her late thirties, is a sexual free spirit. The husband, Adam, and Eva (yeah yeah it’s on purpose) got married right out of

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