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Poems and Spoken Word by Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore’s performance poetry is raw, lyrical, and visual, taking readers and audiences on a ride to their deepest desires to set their own authentic expression free.

Her poem, “If You Want to Change the World, Love a Woman,” (2008) has traveled the blogosphere and facebook like wildfire despite Lisa’s complete lack of interest—until recently— in social media or life online. Her poem, “White Noise,” was featured on CNN and in The Wall Street Journal with her picture after performing at the Slam Poetry Nationals (1998), where Lisa was a finalist.

If You Want to Change the World, Love a Man (2013)

I received so many letters for the Love a Woman poem, I had to write its counterpart, but I needed to grow more first. After a good humbling and coming through the other side, I could bust women’s egos like I did the men’s in Love a Woman. If you want to change the world, love a man, really love

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Lisa Citore if you want to change the world

If You Want to Change the World, Love a Woman (2008)

When a fairly spiritual male friend of mine who had finally found and was deepening into committed relationship with his soul mate confided in me he was thinking of being single again, and in the next breath expressed his latest idea for raising consciousness worldwide, I wrote this poem. If you want to change the world… love a woman-really love

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Testosterone (2006)

I love men (I have a bullheaded one living inside of me), but sometimes your ignorance and arrogance makes me want to throw lightning bolts. Testosterone, Sweet cologne, Goddesses gift to her own. I can’t resist your musky mist, wanting more once I’ve been kissed. Testosterone, thorn in my throne, who taints my estrogen ozone with looting hands and hungry

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Every Woman Keeps a Secret Broom in Her Closet (2006)

Interestingly, I wrote this poem while on a Christian women’s retreat. We were staying at a nun’s sanctuary, which leaves me to think that nuns and witches are more alike than different. Every woman keeps a secret broom in her closet. Not the broom she sweeps the kitchen floor with, the one handed to her by her husband to keep

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Bleeding in the Boardroom

Perhaps my actions can be traced to the memo that said flex time was being eliminated and all employees were required to be sitting at their desks by eight a.m. sharp or we would be issued a warning. (Three warnings was grounds for automatic termination.) Or maybe it was the equally dehumanizing memo that said paid maternity leave was being

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White Noise (1998)

Performed at the 1998 Slam Nationals to a standing ovation, quoted on CNN & mentioned in the Wall Street Journal I wrote this poem about the corporation I was working for. At the time I thought I was exaggerating, but later found out my imagination which came out of boredom had more truth in it than not. In fact, shortly

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Flying White Tiger

In honor of the White Tigress, the feminine Tantric archetype and lover of the Jade Dragon, I wrote this poem, the first in the Tao of Sex series. And how can you not write a poem about a sex position entitled Flying White Tiger? Her lips are wide open, watering, hungry. She crouches belly down on all fours, sliding her upper body beneath

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Frog and Butterfly

I created some of my own sex positions and titles, expanding the Tao to include more gay and lesbian erotica.   My fingers are moving sly across your palm like women everywhere lovers spanning time We speak in code flesh as text Striving to convert an inexperienced tongue, I translate braille hieroglyphics on your skin into our herstory. Standing like a shy child

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