Dear Sister,

I have an important question for you:

Do you feel totally free? And if not, where in your life do you desire more freedom?

Here’s the truth: the foundational nature of the feminine is freedom. Yet due to the roles women play at home and at work, many of us do not feel free at all.

The empowering fact is that the roots of feminine suppression aren’t outside of us. They’re within us — specifically within our feminine sex organs. And this is a good thing, because it offers tremendous opportunity to liberate ourselves and to change the world from the inside out.

What I’m saying is that your sexual liberation as a woman is extremely important to the whole world.

Yes – what you’re wondering about sex is true – there is more to your sexuality than you’re currently experiencing. Sex is more than a means of gratification.

Sexual energy is actually a FEMININE SUPER POWER.

Women experience sex and express sexuality in profoundly different ways than men. And YES: In a male dominated world of testosterone driven sex, all of this can be confusing.

I want you to know that your confusion is ancient and you are not alone.

The confusion you feel can actually be traced back 5,000 years, when matriarchal culture was destroyed and the holy trinity of the Feminine, Sex and the Body were put under a deep sleeping spell by patriarchal religion.

Though it’s been asleep, this holy trinity has been alive and well in the subconscious of Woman ever since. And She is ready to wake up in those who are willing to go within and reclaim Her juicy magic, wisdom and power.

Imagine what it would be like for all women to feel good — really good –in our bodies, regardless of size, shape or age. Imagine what it would be like to…
FEEL safe in the world as fully awakened and expressed sexual feminine beings. TRUST in our desire and our ability to discern.
RELATE with others from a place of deep inward relaxation.
BE completely open with our lovers and have transcendent sexual experiences.
NEVER FEEL like we have to perform or please others to be valued and valuable.
HAVE easy access to creative inspiration and intuitive direction.
LIVE from and through our feminine essence of receptivity, heart knowing, spontaneous creation and ecstatic aliveness.

Can you imagine a world filled with such happy empowered women?
I can! Which is why I’ve created a Women’s Sexual Mystery School. It’s a nine month series that begins Saturday March 7 in Santa Barbara, California, and meets the first Saturday of every month through November.

If you lit up while reading this, it means you are ready to reclaim your sexual super power now. Sign up for the first class at:

And if there’s a woman in your life you know is ready to step into her own sexual super power, please SHARE this post with her. Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

Love and Shakti,   Lisa

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