WAKING MAGIC… by Lisa Citore

There was a time when women were magic…

when we made love with rocks and rivers 

and cried in the arms of oak trees.

When we knew the language of light,

and could speak in spider, squirrel, snake and hummingbird.

When the Elementals were our dearest friends 

and we could call down the rain or part the clouds

just with our asking.

When we held the birthdays 

of every living thing within our wombs

and celebrated by dancing and singing their names.

When our joy would send stars shooting across the sky.

And our fury would throw lightning bolts from our fingertips.

giving warning to any who would destroy what we loved. 

There was a time when women were magic.

When we knew our body and the body of nature

and the earth were not separate.

When we knew everything as energy and everything as connected 

and could merge with all of it and change forms at will.

When we knew that we were just as multi-dimensional as time and space

and could travel freely across the worlds, as we do in dreams –

rearranging the past,

bringing back wisdom from the future

When we knew the landscape of the Void 

and that nothing was impossible.

When we could defy the laws of gravity

and fly with dragons and fairies 

and step through walls of human ignorance

invisibly dissolving conflict, like water on stone.

There was a time when women were magic…

When we knew the divine in our own image and likeness.

When we claimed our authority to shape shift reality.

When we spoke intimately with

the mysteries of birth, life and death

and our greatest super power was our surrender. 

Not surrender as resignation to forces outside of us,

but as an act of opening to the Source within us.

When women knew our Giganticnous

When we trusted the intelligence of our emotions 

as the energy of Creation in motion within us.

And held our desires as arrows in a bow.

Each one, intentional. 

Each desire, the evolutionary direction of Consciousness

releasing through us.

When we knew how to align our thoughts, 

feelings, words and actions 

and make miracles through their focused combination.

When we could bend will and statistics

as easily as we blow kisses.

When we were energy-whisperers

that could wield win-win outcomes 

in between and beneath logic.

There was a time when women were magic…

When we knew the real purpose for our eyes

beyond looking in the mirrors of our projections 

When we saw from the inside out 

and could hold our visions in the face of duality.

When we could transmute negativity and raise frequency

just with our gaze. 

When we knew our physical senses were but gateways

to the vast universe of our inner senses. 

When we weren’t just clairvoyant, but clairimaginal.  

When we knew imagination was stronger than perception.

When we didn’t just make love with one another 

We’d merge with light and give birth to whole new realms of awareness

like beauty is the hybrid blend of truth and love

and bliss is the alchemy of ecstasy and peace.

There was a time when women were magic…

When mothers and daughters and sisters and grandmothers

would circle together under the moon

to connect with the tides, cycles and seasons,

celebrating rites of passage

sharing blessings. 

When we knew that gathering with women

to feed our wildness

and flow pleasure through our bodies

was the highest prayer we could offer for the planet.

When our temples had dirt floors

and no ceilings or walls

and every woman was a priestess.

When the Mother, the body and our divine sexual energy

were held as sacred as the Father, son and holy ghost.

When our brothers stood beside us, 

looking out in the same direction.

When there wasn’t need for protection.

When women walked the earth not only in safety, but nobility.

When our worth wasn’t tied to anything that could be bought or sold. 

When old women were seen as the most gorgeous of all.

And  GIRL was an acronym

for Goddess  in  real  life.  

When the wisdom of every age was honored. 

And every size and shape of the female body

was considered a work of art. . . . . . . . . . 

  • Yes, the world can be a trickster. 
  • Yes, you have every reason to feel angry and weary.
  • You have every reason to doubt 
  • and want to give up…..

But if instead, you opened your heart 

And took the hand of the sister sitting next to you 

maybe you both could help each other re-member…..

that when women come together 

the time of MAGIC is right now.


Can you feel it?

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