I love men (I have a bullheaded one living inside of me), but sometimes your ignorance and arrogance makes me want to throw lightning bolts.

Sweet cologne,
Goddesses gift to her own.
I can’t resist your musky mist,
wanting more once I’ve been kissed.
thorn in my throne,
who taints my estrogen ozone
with looting hands and hungry lips
sipping in between my hips.
Don mignon,
who has no ovaries of his own,
who spends his whole life turning tricks
so he can have his pussy fix.
King hormone
whose oats are always being sewn,
who can not bare to be alone
or feel in more than monotone.
fear pheremone,
who turns the flowers into stone,
erecting penises everywhere
that block the sun
and scrape the air!
little drone,
who thinks he can outsmart a crone.
I’d squash you if I had a pet
to get me off and keep me wet.
My how you’ve grown
so fat on all the things you own.
I think you’ll make a juicy snack.
I’ll eat you up when I come back!
whose head’s so blown-
He claims I come from his rib bone?!
Hah! I should’ve known.