Take Back Your Beauty

Recently we had a women’s circle where we talked about our changing bodies and our feelings around them.  Not surprisingly, even the younger women, with seemingly perfect forms and few lines on their faces, had body shame, which affected everything from their self esteem to their sense of sexiness, desirability and beauty.  But what was […]

How to get Unstuck

One of my most beloved spiritual teachers, Pema Chodron, talks about a Tibetan word called “shenpa,” which is the condition of being stuck, of being completely taken over and “hooked” by something. You’re so emotionally hooked, you can experience physical pain. Shenpa is involuntary and often leads to habitual behaviors that reinforce feelings of powerlessness.  […]

My Depression Breakthrough

Some years ago, in a suicidal moment. I remember having this thought:  “If I want to die this much, there must also be an equal part of me that wants to live.” If I hold a secret death-wish, I must also hold a secret life force. The catch, however, was how to access this life force […]

The Awakening of Feminine Sexuality

I created the Women’s Sexual Mystery School with three specific goals in mind.  1) To return sexuality back to its sacred seat – not just the act, but sexual energy itself, which is the energy of Creation. 2) To expand our understanding of sexual energy beyond what happens in the bedroom to how our sexual […]

Pleasure as a New Spiritual Path

   “I want to make Tantra yoga as main stream as Hatha yoga, and orgasms as much a part of women’s self care as brushing our teeth,” I bravely declared ten years ago in a community circle, where we were each asked to share our personal mission. The tent went silent, followed by laughter.  I […]

The Secret to Even Better Orgasms

I’ve been teased about being obsessed with my vagina.  A friend of mine once told me at a party that before introducing his date to me, he whispered in her ear, “Watch, she’s going to be talking about her vagina.” And as predicted, I was! I’ve attended many vagina-related workshops, where I was instructed to […]

Desire as an Antidote for Depression

I’ve struggled on and off with depression for most of my adult life, trying to relieve it with everything from positive thinking, to changing my diet, to exercise, to medication. Some might say that I’m a serial depressionist. I go down, sometimes deeper and for longer periods than others, but thankfully always manage to find […]

Orgasmic Spring Cleanse

Anatomy of an Orgasm Did you know the clitoris is not just a tiny little concentrated bundle of nerves on the hood of your vagina, but actually has energetic roots extending all the way down your legs to the pulsing magma core of the earth, as well as up through your pelvis and torso? And […]

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