divine-vagina_400hAnatomy of an Orgasm

Did you know the clitoris is not just a tiny little concentrated bundle of nerves on the hood of your vagina, but actually has energetic roots extending all the way down your legs to the pulsing magma core of the earth, as well as up through your pelvis and torso?

And that when you have a clitoral orgasm you energize and clear your 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras and all of the surrounding organs?

Did you know vaginal or g-spot orgasms energize and clear your heart and throat chakras and all of the surrounding organs?

And that cervical orgasms are connected to your psychic and crown chakras and your brain?

Prescriptive Orgasms

If you start to feel congestion in your lungs, for example, you can clear it right up with your own sexual energy.  You can cum instead of coughing for a week. Or at least cough a lot less. Like everything else in your body, your sexual energy has its own innate intelligence.  Similar to how natural fires burn the landscape so that new life can grow, it knows where to go and exactly what to do.

Or if you want to be clear headed and sharp for a meeting the next morning, have sex the night before, and don’t stop until you get your cervical orgasm.

If you need to feel more grounded, clitoral orgasm.  If you want to open your heart, g-spot orgasm.  To treat your body to a quick spring cleanse, all three.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Womens-Anatomy-Of-ArousalIf you don’t have a lover who knows how to give you orgasms or you don’t know how, then go on the internet and find out.  Read Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston, and practice until all kinds of orgasms are within your reach.  Knowing how to receive an orgasm from another is just as important as learning how to give yourself one.  Both are empowering in different ways.

If you feel resistance to learning and/or practicing feminine pleasure, you’re not alone. It’s surprising to me how many hours each week women devote to physical exercise and yet how little time we spend actually loving our bodies.  We are so willing to have discipline around masculine based modalities like yoga and meditation, yet completely uncommitted when it comes to one of the most ancient feminine practices: self pleasuring.

Granted, many women wouldn’t consider a pleasure practice to be the spiritual equivalent of meditation.  But that’s because meditation, like most of the practices and teachings we consider spiritual, are based upon male bodies, male brains and masculine consciousness.

The only records of feminine spiritual practices and teachings, including the sexual arts, are the ones we hold in our bodies. The rest were destroyed, along with all of matriarchal culture, some four thousand years ago.

Feminine Practices

I remember when I first learned about the matriarchal cultures, I cried. I was in my mid thirties and on the deep journey of healing from cervical cancer.  How could I not have known this?  How could my mother not have known this?  How could they not teach us this in school?!

As Louann Brizendine writes in The Female Brain, “Though there is only a one percent genetic variation between the sexes, this difference influences every single cell in our bodies.”

Masculine practices were designed to help men.  Women need feminine practices.  Ideally, we can draw from both.

But other than not knowing about the temple priestesses and the sexual arts of matriarchal culture, why don’t women choose to experience more sexual pleasure in our lives?

When I asked myself this question, I was shocked to hear my answer, which was:  I resist exploring my feminine body because I resist knowing the Feminine.  I am afraid of my feminine sexuality because I am afraid of the Feminine.  I don’t trust my feminine desire because I don’t trust the Feminine.

In committing to a daily pleasure practice, I am not only committing to more pleasure in my life, I am committing to the Feminine- to knowing, loving and trusting Her-to being with Her and my fear of Her.

If I can’t make space for Her in my own life, then how will there ever be a place for Her in the world?

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  1. I love what you’re up to Mr. Steele-wild poetry and wild man way-beautiful! And you have a name to match your masculine mission:) Touched by your appreciation. We will keep inspiring each other, yes?

  2. Yeah! Very happy to hear and see the re-emergence of the feminine. I remember when I first learned about the matriarchal cultures some twenty years ago (in my thirties) when I read The Mists of Avalon. I didn’t cry, but I experienced this deep innate anger that something essential and vital had been not only hidden from the world, but missing in my life, and I’m a man. Thank you for being a torch bearer in a way.

    1. I love that you read the Mists of Avalon and how deeply you received her story. i’m actually working on and off on a modern day fairy tale of a young woman who is sent back to Avalon and meets all the different goddesses along the way:) Thank you for reaching out and keep in touch brother.

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