I created the Women’s Sexual Mystery School with three specific goals in mind.  1) To return sexuality back to its sacred seat – not just the act, but sexual energy itself, which is the energy of Creation. 2) To expand our understanding of sexual energy beyond what happens in the bedroom to how our sexual desire and pleasure are connected to our health, happiness, creativity, abundance and ability to manifest our dreams in the world  3) To untangle feminine sexuality from patriarchal conditioning, so that women can have a more resonant foundation for our sexual experience.

In my lecture I talk about the differences between a masculine-yang based versus feminine-yin-based sexuality, and how our understanding of everything from yoga and meditation to sexual desire and pleasure has been under the influence of patriarchal conditioning for the last four thousand years.

I am honestly surprised, with all of the films made about the Holocaust and slavery and other oppressed tribes of people,  that there aren’t more movies about the destruction of matriarchal culture.

Perhaps because the Feminine is not a separate race, but an aspect within each one of us that has been cast into the subconscious in attempt to eliminate it from existence.

We are only vaguely aware of the extent of feminine suppression, because the nature of the subconscious is denial.  

But in order for sex to be the transcendent experience we know is possible – for humanity to experience the union of our inner feminine and masculine aspects and realize our incarnate divinity –  the feminine in both women  and men must awaken and come into balance.

My belief is that when both sexes learn how to wield our sexual energy as it was intended, we will finally become the self regenerating versus all-consuming species we were meant to be.

My hope is that my brothers, as well as my sisters, will enjoy this lecture, which is fresh from my subconscious.  Please excuse its rawness and allow its transmission to touch your heart and  open new neural pathways in your mind.

Love and Shakti,

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