Holy Menage!


I have an idea for a movie where a woman, who discovers her husband is having an affair, seeks out the woman he’s having sex with.  The wife, Eva, is a sexually conservative fiftiesh woman. Lily, in her late thirties, is a sexual free spirit. The husband, Adam, and Eva (yeah yeah it’s on purpose) […]

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Talk Dirty to Me


I’m making a raunchy rap video (coming to youtube sometime early winter). And in the process,  I’ve become acutely aware of the judgment people have around women talking dirty. Initially, my girlfriends were all over it.  When I first shared my rap song with them, they were all like, “You gotta make a video!” and […]

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Are you a Girl or a Goddess?


 Session 3 of the Women’s Sexual Mystery- Awakening the Temple Priestess: The Art of Sensual Intelligence- is coming up!  If you are curious about Tantra and wanting to experience more eroticism in your relationships and in your life, this session is for you! Along with helping women open,  I offer Tantra pujas for couples.  My […]

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Women need each other to heal


This past weekend, on the eve of a lunar eclipse and full blood moon, women gathered together for session 2 of The Women’s Sexual Mystery School to intimately get to know our pelvic temples and reclaim the wisdom within our feminine organs. We began our day with partner yoga, looking into each other’s eyes, saying: “I […]

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