Sexual Secret Agents: Calling all Women in Texas (and everywhere else)


Today in my pleasure practice, I imagined squatting on the whole state of Texas. ‘Cause that’s what the Goddess does when she sees a big dick swinging itself around, knocking down half of the state-supported family planning clinics and cutting off birth control subsidies by two thirds –  $74 million dollars over two years.   […]

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A Deeper Conversation about Women Aging: Looking in the Mirror that Matters Most


I recently read Judith Newman’s interview of Annabelle Gurwitch in The New York Times article “We’re not getting better.  We’re getting older.” I agree with some of Gurwitch’s points regarding women embracing our age. I, too, have abhorred the phrase “50 is the new 40,” which still implies that youth is better. But there are […]

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Where is pleasure on your list?


I recently reconnected over the phone with an old girlfriend from high school.  When I told her about my pleasure practice, she laughed and said, “I’ve got a full time job, a husband and teenagers-I don’t have time for pleasure!” Beneath the sarcasm, I could hear the judgment in her voice.  Or maybe it was […]

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