Pleasure Heals


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been conducting a personal experiment on the relationship between women’s pleasure, specifically sexual pleasure, and health. My commitment is to spend at least thirty minutes a day pleasuring my body, exploring what ignites and inhibits my experience of pleasure, as well as what expands it. My practice […]

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Making Love With Our Resistance


 I’ve been reframing “problems” into “mysteries,” not necessarily to be solved, but to be explored. The older I get the more mysteries I notice in my body. When I consider something to be a problem, I immediately try to fix it as soon as possible. But mysteries aren’t meant to be fixed. They require patience, […]

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All the Voices Inside My Vagina


It took me ten years to come to terms within myself, let alone share with anyone else, that I had been raped by six of my classmates, some of them my “friends,”  the summer before senior year of high school. It took almost another twenty years to start piecing together memories of  being sexually molested […]

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