Today must be censorship day.  Even though I read every blog to my man before posting, and he obviously shares in at least half of the experiences, when he browses through them all again on his own, he feels hurt. He wants me to talk more about the pleasure he gives me, how happy I am when he’s is sucking my clit.  My business manager is equally disturbed by yesterday’s fantasy blog, that depicts a more violent than pleasure advocating portrait of me.

“If you want to speak at colleges, Lisa, you can’t be posting stuff like this.”

My predicament reminds me of my seventeen years as a greeting card writer.  Though I made a fairly lucrative career out of spinning love and birthday happiness on five by seven sheets of folded paper for two and three bucks a pop, my feminine creative soul felt tormented to write in such a small box.

As a spiritual being, I consider myself a double agent.

 I’m neither an advocate of the light or dark, but more an ambassador for the full expression of everything in existence.

As a sexual being, and more specifically as a human in the form of a woman, I am an advocate of pleasure, regardless of its shade.

Because when I am in deep pleasure, I am closest to my primordial Being, that is beyond self-imposed concepts or social conditioning.

In this way, I believe women’s sexual expression or suppression is directly correlated to our creative output or lack of.  We can’t paint a landscape of our inner world if we’ve never been there, nor summon the richer colors or textures, the more intricate brush strokes if we stay safe in our self-imposed concepts and conditioning of who we are as women.  And more than ever, the world needs our true feminine voices. Not to be confused with those that are unwitting puppets of and for patriarchal marketing machines.

I like to think of pleasure as both a verb and a noun, in that it is the simultaneous act and experience of expanding consciousness.

What gives sexual pleasure its erotic edge over other pleasurable experiences, like eating a chocolate cake, is the degree of contraction we also hit and have the opportunity to expand into when we are having sex.  Because where do we hold the most contraction in our bodies, like unconscious guilt and fear regarding our incarnation, for example?  In the root chakra.

When we allow fingers, fists, dildos, cocks to penetrate the place we hold most of our shame and fear, it’s like opening Pandora’s box.

The more contracted, concentrated, denser (or dark) the energy, the more pleasure we will experience when we can meet it and expand into it with our breath and awareness.  In other words, sexual pleasure is the experience of freed energy.

There is no such thing as dark energy.  Dark energy is simply contracted, concentrated light.

I believe our bodies are the holographic blueprint for the larger Mind of humanity.  I know I’ll probably get slammed for saying this.  But I also believe violence against women didn’t begin in the minds of men, but within our own, or more accurately, the greater Feminine subconscious.

If we really want to end violence against women, we must be courageously willing to penetrate, expand into and embrace the contracted, concentrated black holes of energy within our own bodies and psyche.

The full expression of Woman within each one of us, which includes our vitality, power, voices and vision, depends on it. As does the balance and sustenance of life on earth.


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