Session 3 of the Women’s Sexual Mystery- Awakening the Temple Priestess: The Art of Sensual Intelligence- is coming up!  If you are curious about Tantra and wanting to experience more eroticism in your relationships and in your life, this session is for you!

Along with helping women open,  I offer Tantra pujas for couples.  My intention for these guided ceremonies is to bring sacredness into love making.

If we want our sex to be sacred, women have to bring the Goddess back into our sex lives. The problem is we have disassociated our feminine divinity with our humanity.

And what happens in sex is that instead of the Goddess, our little girl runs the show. Little girls can’t have real, intimate sex. And they certainly can’t guide men to have deeper sexual experiences. More often than not, our little girls check out during sex and let the guys run the show.

 Notice the next time you are in the middle of making love. Pause, breathe and ask your inner self: What age am I? 16, 12, 7, 4?

I recently had a conversation with a woman regarding her sexual experience and expression. Tears filled her eyes as she confessed how she felt limited and even trapped in her ability to give and receive pleasure, even with her husband, by her need to honor her divine feminine self. This woman wasn’t particularly religious. She loved her husband. She had an overall happy life.

As I listened to what felt like a secret she had kept within her for a long time, I felt such compassion. And I realized there are probably a lot of other women who are holding onto the same secret pain.

Contrary to what we might think, men don’t want little girls either. They want the Goddess.

The Goddess has many faces. Sometimes she’s a muse. Other times she’s a warrioress, Other times she’s a wise sage. We can bring all of her faces into love making.

The more a woman opens to the full range of her Goddess expression and power, the more adept she becomes at wielding her sexual energy as an evolutionary force in her relationships and in the world, and the more able she is to inspire her man to step into his masculine divinity.

 ‘Cause the truth is men don’t really want to run the sexual show. They aren’t looking for women who will please them. They are looking for a woman who can guide them, who can make them better than they are today.

Our Goddess and girl aren’t that far apart. GIRL is actually an acronym for Goddess In Real Life. So how do we shift from girl to Goddess?

The first step is realizing our infinite potential even in our unawake state. Many of us have had an experience or two of seeing, feeling who we really are. But this is only the first step. Many of us get stuck here, trying to replicate our experiences through everything from meditation to psychedelics. We think we are free, but actually we become more polarized.

Because the Goddess lives in the body.

 My point is, women can’t really experience our feminine divinity without embracing our primordial or sexual feminine – because the two are one in the same.

And we won’t meet the primordial Goddess in our imaginations or hearts. We only meet her in our bodies, and specifically within our pelvis and sex organs.

Waking up the masculine also begins with waking up our primordial feminine.

Because even though it may seem like men rule the world, on a base, bodily energetic level, the feminine directs the masculine.

In terms of the chakras, the seat of the masculine is in the root or base chakra. Here, we experience ourselves as raw, unlimited energy and potential. For the most part, this energy remains dormant within our subconscious, until we become aware of it through our desire.

 The seat of the feminine lies in the sacral or pelvic chakra. Here, we experience ourselves as desire or the directional force of creation. Our feminine desire awakens our dormant life force, and the alchemical combination of our desire and conscious life force becomes sexual, creational energy, which has an intelligence and evolutionary direction all its own. Our sexual energy is also the channel through which our primordial feminine and masculine communicate with and meet one another.

As our sexual energy rises up and enters into our solar plexus, we experience ourselves as power. We experience our individual ability to have impact and influence creation. This is the second octave of our masculine aspect.

The next level of the feminine lies within the heart chakra. Here, we experience ourselves as love or expanded power. Again, our feminine aspect calls our masculine power up to be a more expanded, universal, higher vibrational version of itself.

As our sexual energy rises up and enters into the throat chakra, we experience the third octave of our masculine, which is self expression. Our raw sexual energy becomes creativity. And our higher feminine aspect, residing in the inner eye chakra or pituitary gland, calls our creativity up to its next level-illuminating our expression-allowing our creativity to have transmissionary impact.

When our sexual energy becomes illuminated creational energy, our masculine and feminine aspects join together within the seventh chakra or pineal gland. Our seventh chakra is the illumined counterpart to our root chakra. The only difference between them is that in our roots we experience ourselves as unrealized, unlimited potential and in our crown chakra, we know ourselves as realized unlimited potential.

The weaving and interplay between the chakras gives us such a beautiful picture of how the masculine and feminine work together.

 When women truly understand how the feminine guides the masculine from the base of our being on up to the highest reaches of the soul, we can more boldly bring our evolutionary feminine wisdom into our relationships. We can bring the Goddess back not only in the bedroom, but in our communities, corporations and governments.

If you are ready to deepen in your feminine sensual intelligence, go to my website right now and sign up for the Women’s Sexual Mystery School. Get on my email list and receive 3 tips to turn on your feminine sexual super powers. If you like anything I’ve shared, leave a comment. I’d LOVE to hear from you! And if you know anyone who’d benefit from this information or my work, please pass this link on to them. Thank you!

 Love and Shakti, Lisa Citore

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