Today in my pleasure practice, I imagined squatting on the whole state of Texas. ‘Cause that’s what the Goddess does when she sees a big dick swinging itself around, knocking down half of the state-supported family planning clinics and cutting off birth control subsidies by two thirds –  $74 million dollars over two years.



NOT THAT GOVERNMENT DICKS ARE TO BLAME.  Like chickens running around with their heads cut off, dicks remain unconscious and have no direction until they are awakened by feminine desire, which is the ability to direct energy.  In other words, behind every unconscious law that is passed is a dick that just wants to  get laid, that wants to offer its love to the feminine and receive her love in return. So simple.

Unfortunately, the dicks that most need a good fucking are usually the ones the most afraid of the feminine. And their fear only allows them to violate women— whether through sex or legislation—rather than make love. Poor dicks without direction. My feminine heart goes out to them.

I want to swallow them up with my great Goddess lips and ride them until they remember their divine purpose, which is to expand and raise human consciousness.

YES, RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS REQUIRES DICKS, because raising consciousness requires an incredible amount of energy. Along with the relationship between energy and consciousness is that of information and force. This relationship is best described by the famous neurosurgeon Karl Pribram, developer of the holonomic brain model, who wrote that two things are necessary to create change: a vision of the future state and sufficient energy to overcome resistance and make the leap. It is energy that carries out the instructions of consciousness to form the vibrations, structures and forms of all reality.

This is HOW SEX MAGIC WORKS; the masculine life or light force penetrates the dark feminine void, awakening her desire to create.  Feminine desire in turn corals the chaotic energy of the masculine under her direction, and the combination of his life force and her desire form sexual energy.  Sexual energy then becomes its own directional force, moving upward through the chakras toward its evolution, awakening our human authority and power, love and compassion, creative expression, vision and unified purpose.

We’ve been talking about masculine and feminine co-creation for a while now. Why isn’t it happening?

divine-vagina_275hBECAUSE CONSCIOUS CREATION DOESN’T BEGIN IN THE HEART—as many conscious community folk would like to think—but in the pelvis. And the real fire can’t get started until women reclaim our feminine desire and ability to direct energy, and men remember the very first purpose of their life force energy is to ignite that desire.  Not for just themselves, but for the whole universe.

BUE WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT for men to wake up, sisters.  We can use the chaotic masculine energy that’s already out there in our sex magic practices.  Which brings me back to Texas.

Taking in the length and girth of this unconscious, out of control masculine force is both incredibly erotic and extremely uncomfortable…

THE CLOSEST THING I CAN COMPARE IT TO is my experience of anal sex. It requires all of my feminine capacity to receive.  I have to breathe beyond my rage against masculine violation. Breathe beyond the memories of being raped in high school and sexually molested as a little girl. Breathe into the pleasure I felt even then, that was so confusing.  Breathe into the wound that for lifetimes cut me off from my feminine sexuality, desire and power.

The deeper I breathe, the deeper I allow myself to be penetrated by patriarchal consciousness.  BREATHING beyond my fear of being injected with poison. BREATHING until my whole body is filled with dick from root to heart.

BREATHING beyond rage and fear to forgiveness, remembering a time when women were in power and men were slaves, used for purposes of pleasure and breeding, and killed when their life force was no longer optimal.

BREATHING into forgiveness for the feminine as well as the masculine.  Allowing patriarchal consciousness to penetrate the lump stuck in my throat.  BREATHING into hardened tears. Screaming, crying out with grief, longing and pleasure.

BREATHING into a hatred that is beyond gender, that is for  sexual energy itself.  The hatred is so strong it nearly stops the upward flow.  I have to focus all of my awareness on my psychic eye until I feel the patriarchal head pushing up through the roof of my mouth into my brain, parting my innermost feminine gates.

Here in the pituitary gland, I have a vision of a king and a queen sitting side by side on thrones within each lobe.

Though they don’t look at each other, they look outward in the same direction, which is how I have heard true love described.  One sees the world from the left eye, the other from the right.  Though the two have different points of view, they share a common feminine vision of caring for the physical world She created.  This joint vision is what allows the king and the queen to merge and transcend into the singular throne of the pineal gland, where inner vision supersedes outer perception, where seeing is not just believing, but manifesting reality.

This is how sex magic works.

We move our sexual energy up our chakras to clear and connect them.  By connecting our life force to our desire to our power to our heart to our creative expression and singular vision, our bodies become unified fields that are optimal for manifestation.

This morning Texas and I seeded the following vision:

I ENVISION WOMEN FROM EVERY SOCIO-ECONOMIC STRATA COMING TOGETHER statewide on behalf the feminine. I envision these Texan women gathering in circles to read books on the Sacred Feminine and talk about them and share their personal revelations with each other until they can no longer tolerate laws against their kind. I envision these women not only standing up to government, but TAKING A STAND for lower income women by starting private family planning funds.

23_Sexual_Secret_Agents_Texas_Featured_ImageTo fuel their feminine fire, I imagine a few choice government and religious leaders exposed for their fear and hatred of women.  AS THE PATRIARCHY CRUMBLES, I envision more and more fundamental Christian women having sexually awake daughters that need abortions, forcing their mother’s hearts to open and switch from pro-life to pro-choice.  I envision this new younger generation of Texan women claiming their feminine desire and ability to direct energy, wielding their feminine power like never before in the state of cowboys.

CAN YOU IMAGINE if every woman adopted a patriarchal dick to sit on?  Once a week or month?  Can you imagine the feminine desire, call to action, creativity and vision our pleasure would inspire?  Women practicing sex magic all over the world, like sexual secret agents, to birth a new world. Sounds like a plan to me.

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