A vision of mine was seeded on the first day of spring when twenty plus women gathered in my home to do sexual practices together as we once did in Goddess temples long ago.

I could feel all of our lineages standing behind us, holding the circle.  The container was strong, the energy potent.

There was a time when women pleasured ourselves for the purpose of expanding consciousness and birthing new life forms into world.  We didn’t just birth human babies.  We birthed whole galaxies.  Though in essence, every human child is a galaxy.

Women hold this knowledge in our wombs to this day:

In our wombs lies the creational template and formulas to every element, rock, mineral and crystal, plant, flower and tree, insect, bird, fish and animal. Though we may only remember the gist of these essence formulas, they are as elaborate as any mathematical equation.

When women reconnect with our sexual energy, we awaken the consciousness of our wombs and our memory of these essence formulas held within them.

This is why experiences of essence often feel sexual.  For example, by feeling into the essence qualities of a hummingbird, we can merge with a hummingbird. We not only see the hummingbird or hear its high pitched song, we feel its essence in our bodies.

As we expand our feminine capacity to receive, we become more sensitive.  The more sensitive we are, the more essence qualities of the hummingbird we are able to track and remember inside our wombs and the more pleasure we feel. It’s similar to how wine connoisseurs can swirl a Cabernet in their mouths and taste its nuances of pepper, plum, oak and sandalwood, as well as its full bouquet.

The more fully we connect with the essence of something, the deeper we are able to merge with it. Meaning we don’t just merge with the hummingbird outside of us, we remember the essence formula of the hummingbird within us.

This is what it means to make love:

To return things to their essence and origin. In merging with our creations, we reclaim them and are nourished by the fundamental gifts we made them for.  Because we birthed them, we feel a renewed sense of care for our creations, like that of a mother for her children.  The hummingbird doesn’t just come from some source outside of us, but from within our own eternal Female Body.

In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes that most of the world lives in conceptualized object consciousness, which divides the universe into separate forms are unrelated to one other.  He suggests that essence consciousness, which unifies all life forms, is humanity’s next evolution.

This process of unifying, merging with or re-membering the essence of creation is the deepest work of the Feminine.

 Love is our most natural instinct. We were not meant to make love with just one or even several human beings throughout our lifetime, but the whole world.

Obviously we can’t make love to a hummingbird or a rose with our physical bodies. But we can with our subtle bodies.  Pleasure awakens the subtle body, in that it is an act and experience of expanding consciousness.  Pleasure is aroused through the physical senses, which are the gateways to the subtle senses and subtle body.

How it all works:

When I smell a rose, for instance, I first experience its uniquely beautiful fragrance, but this is followed by another subtler layer of sensation, a simultaneous expansion in my heart and inside my brain.

As I breathe into the sensations, deepening them, I taste the rose’s scent in my throat as it widens. I feel my belly softening and ripples of pleasure in my watery pelvic bowl.  As I breathe down to the bottom, I see and feel a pulsing seed and remember the joy of being pregnant with rose.  I remember all the layers of rose’s essence, similar to how finer perfumes are blends of different essentials oils.

Filling the seed with my breath and awareness, I feel its orgasmic, ready-to-burstness.  I feel both the pleasure that holds the seed and the pleasure within the seed itself.

When it finally pops, I gasp, feeling its sprout, its virginous expression, streaming out in every direction through my body until I am completely saturated with quantum essence, until I’m no longer human, but a hybrid of a human and a rose. When I look in the mirror, I’m glowing pink.  The smell of my armpit has changed from spicy to earthy sweet.

This art of merging, of shifting from object to essence consciousness is within every woman’s sensual intelligence.

Subtle body sex just requires subtle body awareness and practice, which basically is relearning how to run energy vertically within ourselves, rather than horizontally, outward with a lover.

Not that we can’t have our cake and eat it too.  In fact, when we become adept at running our energy vertically, we heighten sensitivity and deepen sexual connection with our lovers, in that we are not just merging with them physically, but on the essential level.

On the birth of spring, twenty plus women gathered in the underground home of the Goddess, where we breathed and undulated, moaned, howled and cried out in grief and pleasure from the tip of our clitorises to the deep well of our wombs.

Though we each came with our own ideas about what feminine sexuality is and what our sexual energy is for, our experience of the Sacred Feminine in our bodies and in the room that night was universal, substantial and undeniable.

And She didn’t just come to visit. She came to stay.

I could feel all of our lineages laughing, clapping, jumping up and down, celebrating behind us. The container strong, the energy potent.  The circle of temple priestesses around the world at last resurrected.

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