I created some of my own sex positions and titles, expanding the Tao to include more gay and lesbian erotica.  

My fingers are moving sly across your palm
like women everywhere
lovers spanning time

We speak in code
flesh as text
Striving to convert an inexperienced tongue,
I translate braille hieroglyphics on your skin
into our herstory.

Standing like a shy child at the blackboard
of sex 101,
like a street cat
at the welcome mat of moans

In wetness definitions form,
but my hands will never be the meta-morphic tools you name them
Besides, it isn’t my intention to consume you,
who has bee rocked in a bed 200 miles away
just last Tuesday

My lady, I am your hammer
Make me ring against stone,
even if my fate is to be among a collection
of photographs of women you no longer talk to

I confess I had once wanted to be with you
on a mattress behind a padlock,
breaking you free with my fire finger

You and I are nothing alike

Our happiness simple:
delicacy and honesty,
nymph and amazon wrestle,
without aim to fuse, but only overlap,
grow roots in the muddy moment.

We move together
as undercurrents.
You sense me now, skin on skin,
open to each other’s light
as we shine from the center
and let go,

Sleep with me butterfly sister
for just this one night
Close your eyes
and dance with me
through each other
as doorways.

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