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I begin these writings in humble devotion to the sacred temple that I and all human beings come from-red root lotus, through which I have experienced my harshest wounds and highest peaks of bliss. Ecstatic gate to which I return to find my Self.

I begin on the night of no moon, lying on a white sand beach somewhere in Thailand, with one hand cupping my beautiful furry girl and the other resting between my naked breasts-with one foot on the other side of heart break and one still standing at the doorway of disbelief that I will ever love and be loved in the deep orgasmic way I have known.

Here, listening to song of the ocean, letting the waves wash over me, as one by one stars pop out of the sky, reminding me that even the darkest` night is full of surprises.

Are You in the Desire Seat?

What kind of relationship do you have with your desire? Do you trust your desire? Do you feel your desire and desirability flowing through your body on a regular basis or only in particular situations? Do you allow your desire to ignite the passion of your emotions or...

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Shifting from Karma to Dharma

If you are a woman, you possess shamanic power. Because of your inherently receptive nature, because you are capable of giving birth, and because you experience death and rebirth through your body every moon cycle, you have direct access to the natural elemental...

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Why Fear is Your Best Friend

Nothing worthwhile comes without fear.  Fear is the gatekeeper of worthiness. For example, when we go after an impossible dream, we feel both our fear of failure and the awesome reality of our dream coming true. Our unlimited potential is always followed by our fear...

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Ecstatic Feminestation Dear Sisters, I want to talk to you about something that goes beyond life or death in its level of importance. I want to talk about how to generate the energy and resources you need to live your soul’s gift to the world. Even if you...

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What do you do to up your Worthiness?

As I practice devotional self pleasure, I feel a quantum forgiveness happening between my inner feminine and masculine aspects– a trust and a trust worthiness to love and be loved more deeply than I’ve ever known.  I've come a long way from the day my ex husband told...

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Do You Feel Free? Dear Sister, I have an important question for you: Do you feel totally free? And if not, where in your life do you desire more freedom? Here’s the truth: the foundational nature of the feminine is freedom. Yet due to the...

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Pleasure and Inner Peace-My Green Bucket Story

My commitment to pleasure has created so much more spaciousness in my life as well as calmed my nervous system.  Inconveniences that used to unravel me have become a part of life’s divine comedy, bringing even more joy. For example, I’m currently living in a yurt on...

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Announcing The Women’s Sexual Mystery School!

Hi internet world friends!  Apologies for being so scarce.  I’ve had some life changes.  I’m no longer in relationship with the sweet man I’d been coupling with for the past year.  We had a mutual letting go and it feels really good to be free and on my own again....

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Pleasure Heals

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been conducting a personal experiment on the relationship between women’s pleasure, specifically sexual pleasure, and health. My commitment is to spend at least thirty minutes a day pleasuring my body, exploring what ignites and...

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Making Love With Our Resistance

 I’ve been reframing “problems” into “mysteries,” not necessarily to be solved, but to be explored. The older I get the more mysteries I notice in my body. When I consider something to be a problem, I immediately try to fix it as soon as possible. But mysteries aren’t...

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The Lost Art of Listening

One of the most fundamental practices for healing and opening to our greater feminine receptivity is listening.   Deep listening is so needed on the planet right now, yet it is seldom practiced-especially in our busy world where masculine output is valued more than...

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