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Hi internet world friends!  Apologies for being so scarce.  I’ve had some life changes.  I’m no longer in relationship with the sweet man I’d been coupling with for the past year.  We had a mutual letting go and it feels really good to be free and on my own again.

I’ve been living nomadically for the past couple months-house sitting for friends who went to Italy and now helping out other friends care for their lush food gardens.  Staying in a luxury yurt at the top of a mountain with the coyotes, bears and mountain lions. Fog in the morning, meteor showers and shooting stars at night.

 I’m traveling to Boulder, Colorado mid September for the first time to teach a women’s sexuality workshop.  I’m so excited!  And onto Ohio, my home town to visit my family and teach another women’s workshop in October.  Having a big bash for my fiftieth birthday in between.  Life is amazing!

 As hoped for, I had a few women contact me about the possibility of bringing my traveling Women’s Sexual Mystery School to their cities.  Thank you so much for supporting my vision-which is to initiate two to three on-going circles in different communities in the coming year.

 I’m currently looking for like-hearted sisters who are interested enough in this sacred work to sponsor a circle in their community – which means gathering women who are willing to commit to their sexual healing and liberation one Saturday a month for nine months.

 Sponsor women can either participate in the circles for free or they can assist and apprentice with me over the nine months as preparation for them to lead their own sexuality circles in the future. 

 If you are one of these beautiful, visionary women, send me a personal FB message and I will send you a PDF with all the information you’ll need about the course, my background, logistics, etc.

My dream is to initiate a great wave of feminine awakening around the world through this sacred work.  My yoni meditations have instructed me to facilitate in-person circles for the first two years and offer a combination of in-person and on-line intensives thereafter.

In order to introduce myself and women’s sexuality work into other communities, I’m also offering teaser weekends and 1 day intensives- which are included in the Women’s Sexual Mystery School PDF as well.

My yoni is so excited!  She’s been receiving and receiving and is so ripe and ready to offer her juicy wisdom and joy.  

 In the safety of women, we can heal ourselves.  We can heal the collective feminine pain body and awaken the vital pleasure body in all women and re-source Mother Earth.  We can lead the men into a different more surrendered, receptive, intuitive, co-creative way of living.

Who’s in?

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