A spoken word, dance, song and performance art collaborative…

of women’s secrets, dreams, sexual fantasies, revelations, rants and vulnerable reveals.

Lisa Citore is the writer, director and producer of four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories, Riding the Dragon and Keep it Wet.

Saturday, April 28

7 – 9 pm

Pacficia University

Student $17-$22
Senior / Alumni $22-$26
Public $26-$30


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I’ve always loved ritual theater as a way of honoring my soul and bringing meaning to poignant moments in my life. This act of honoring strengthens everything from my creative muscles to self worth, because putting a story into form, as a poem, song, dance or performance piece, requires commitment. It requires spending time with my Self. I usually discover multitudes of beauty along the way. I believe every woman is creative. It’s in our nature to give birth to all kinds of expressions. Claiming your inner muse – your writer and performer is just a matter of practice. Whether it’s on your bucket list to take the stage or you’re just wanting to cultivate a richer soul life or bigger expression in the world, I’ve got magic beans for you.

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