Theater Productions

by Lisa Citore

Edge-pushing and enlightening as her stand-up, Lisa’s theatrical productions interweave poetry, music, and dance to create multi-layered artistic collaborations that are as ceremonial as they are theatrical. Through juxtapositional play—with themes such as beauty and vulgarity, the sensual and the sacred, shadow and light—every performance becomes a transformational experience for all, not least of all for the director herself.

I see creativity as the antidote for war. The law of nature is balance. Destructive and creative forces are polar opposites. When one polarity is lacking the other must compensate. If you want peace on earth, create, create, create.

~ Lisa Citore

Anima Creative Spark

Do you have a story to tell? I’ve always loved ritual theater as a way of honoring my soul and bringing meaning to poignant moments in my life. This act of honoring strengthens everything from my creative muscles to self worth, because putting a story into form, as a...


  A spoken word, dance, song and performance art collaborative... of women’s secrets, dreams, sexual fantasies, revelations, rants and vulnerable reveals. Lisa Citore is the writer, director and producer of four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex,...

Bloodlines (2007)

Bloodlines opened in Santa Barbara, CA at Center Stage Theater in March of 2007 to a two-week sold-out run. Inspired by writer-director Lisa Citore’s daughter’s first period and coming of age, Bloodlines is a collection of 13 moon time stories from women of different...

The Tao of Sex (2005)

A poetry, dance and music collaborative interweaving the sensual and the sacred featuring creative renditions of 21 sexual positions of the Tao, The Tao of Sex premiered to a weekend of sold-out performances at University of California at Santa Barbara’s...

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