On this V-Day, I invite women (and men) all over the world to join me in a year long blogging experiment devoted to feminine pleasure.


Women Jumping In Ocean Blog

As a teacher of sacred sexuality and a pleasure activist for many years, I have been particularly curious about the relationship between women’s pleasure and women’s health, happiness and creative expression. Not only on behalf of the female gender, but on behalf of the feminine soul of the world.

As I approach fifty and menopause, my quest has become personal: I love my orgasms too much to give them up to statistics!

And yet, I wonder why more women I know aren’t talking about this. Many women I meet have never had an orgasm or could care less if they ever have another one. Some tell me they can only have orgasms with a lover, or by themselves. Others link orgasms with violence.

I’ve always found devotional practice to be the most thorough means of self-discovery.

I’m vulnerably choosing to blog about my day-to-day experiences, with the hope that women of all ages will be inspired to begin their own pleasure practices.

I dedicate this year long sensual exploration to my scarlet sisters who have dared to live an ecstatic life before their time, and in honor of women whose pleasure was stolen from them and are courageously willing to reclaim it. Follow along on my blog, ask questions, share your insights.

Together we will start a multi-orgasmic revolution!