Do you have a story to tell?

I’ve always loved ritual theater as a way of honoring my soul and bringing meaning to poignant moments in my life. This act of honoring strengthens everything from my creative muscles to self worth, because putting a story into form, as a poem, song, dance or performance piece, requires commitment. It requires spending time with my Self. I usually discover multitudes of beauty along the way. I believe every woman is creative. It’s in our nature to give birth to all kinds of expressions. Claiming your inner muse – your writer and performer is just a matter of practice. Whether it’s on your bucket list to take the stage or you’re just wanting to cultivate a richer soul life or bigger expression in the world, I’ve got magic beans for you.

Anima Creative Spark Series for Women

Tuesdays 7-9 pm

New 2019 dates to be announced

Each session builds on one another and participants receive homework in between

Paid in full/up front: $150 for all 6 ($25/session)

Paid in 6 installments: $30/ session


Friends and Family Performance following each series

Session 1: Opening the Treasure Chest

Guided shamanic meditation and improvisational play to awaken the soul body and tap into the cosmic, creative stream.

Session 2: Finding the Jewel

Journey work, provocative questions and creative writing exercises for mining the gems of the subconscious

Session 3: Shining the Words

Poetry and prose exercises to hone your lyrical voice and most illuminated expression.

Session 4: Cooking the Story

Exploring archetypes and the components of ritual theater to expand your expression from the personal to universal.

Session 5: Bringing the Inside Out

Sharing/ witnessing each other’s stories – receiving/offering feedback with regards to what we love, what we want more of and what may not be necessary.

Session 6: Getting Bigger

Embodying our stories through improvisational theater pieces – receiving and offering feedback.

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