The other day I heard the old Foreigner song, “Feels like the first time.”

As I belted out the lyrics like no one was listening, the romantic in me wondered

if it was really possible to make love to the same person for years

and for sex to always feel as amazing as the first time.

And what might the necessary ingredients be to sustain this intense level of sexual chemistry?

When the word “intimacy” came to mind, I suddenly saw sex in a whole new light.

What if deeply gratifying sexual connection isn’t something that just happens, but something we cultivate?

Like emotional intimacy, the more familiar we are with our own sexual energy,

the better able we are to share it with another.

How well do your know your sexual energy? To what degree are you at home with your sexual desire and pleasure? How do you see your sexual energy – as friend or enemy? Do you keep your distance or allow yourself to be consumed by your sexual fire? Do you keep your sexual desire on a leash or do you let it run wild? Or do you cultivate intimacy with your sexual energy, whatever its face, however dark, disturbing or unruly it may show up as in the moment?

 My intention for the Women’s Sexual Mystery School is to empower women by helping us to have a more direct, personal relationship with Shakti, our sexual energy. Incidentally, “Shakti” comes from the Sanskrit word “Shak”, which means “power.”

I want to help women not only experience more intimacy in our sexual relationships, but to have a more intimate relationship with our own sexual energy.

I want to help us become so acquainted with our sexual energy that when Shakti stirs, we recognize Her as energy within us, rather than outside of us, and we recognize our choice in what we do with our sexual energy.

 Relating to and with our sexual energy rather than reacting from it.

And listening and speaking from our bodies, so we are able to feel our clear desire, and express our clear yeses and nos.

I want to help women become so sensitive and empathic during love making, we can feel our lover’s body as our own and respond with this same sublime sensitivity.

And stay sexually open and expressive with whatever is arising in us and in our lover, no matter how delightful or uncomfortable our experience.

I want to help us be deeply sexually vulnerable.

 To know our sexual wounds well enough to be able to recognize when old patterns hook us, and be able to share honestly with our lovers and do the work it takes to heal our wounds.

 I want to help women fully surrender in love without any loss of personal boundaries.

And stay connected to the core of our Self as we allow our sexual energy to transmute us and burn us open beyond who we thought we were.

I want to help us to release the old, collective pattern of playing victim to our sexual energy or the sexual energy of others, so that we can no longer blame, shame be afraid of our sexual energy.

And become more conscious, rather than less, in the midst of strong sexual feelings, channeling our sexual energy inward and upward towards its and our own spiritual evolution.

It’s big work and I believe we are ready for real sexual intimacy. We just have to remember what we really want – what we have always wanted more than anything in this world.

I believe sexual intimacy is not only possible, it is humanity’s greatest gift to the universe, as well as the path way to our next evolution.

If you are a woman who is ready to open to sexual intimacy in a way you have never experienced before, go to my website and sign up for my Women’s Sexual Mystery School.  Get on my email list and receive 3 tips for turning on your feminine sexual super powers and updates about my future on line mystery school coming next year.

If you like anything I’ve shared, please leave a comment. And if you have friends who would benefit from this sacred women’s work, please share this link with them. Thank you!

Love and Shakti, Lisa

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