Women's Sexuality Introductions

Boulder and San Francisco Dates TBA

Introduction to Women’s Sexuality

How might your life be different if you had been initiated into your feminine sexuality not by a boy, who probably knew less than you, but through a ceremony of women? Women who knew the creational mysteries, who could teach you how to activate your feminine power, who not only gave you permission but instruction on how to bring yourself to pleasure.

How might your life as a woman be different if you had cultivated your own relationship with Shakti, your sexual energy, first before sharing her with others? If you had learned the language of your body and how to listen to your yoni’s voice and how to feel her yeses and nos.

How might your life be different if you grew up valuing and trusting your feminine sexual being and body, rather than feeling ashamed or afraid of her? If you lived from and in the flow of your deep feminine wisdom-recognizing your feminine organs as your inner elder council that you could turn to for support and guidance. How might your life as a woman be different?

Introductory Immersion into sacral embodiment practices, meditations and ritual to cultivate vitality, sexual desire pleasure, creative flow and abundance. 

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