Women’s Sexual Mystery School® Modules

Module 1

Your Feminine Power & Pleasure Body.


The foundational nature of the Feminine is freedom.  Yet due to the roles we play at home and at work, many women do not feel free.  Where do you desire more freedom in your life?

In this module we will:
Reclaim our co-creative relationship with nature, the elements and our inner shamanesses. We will reframe sexual energy, desire and pleasure in accordance to the ancient practices of the temple priestesses. We will gain a deeper understanding of our feminine sexual anatomy, erogenous zones and subtle pleasure body. We will gain awareness of collective, subconscious patterning that limits our experience of pleasure, joy and abundance. We will specifically release shame around our bodies, sexuality and feminine being. We will learn how to generate and circulate sexual desire and pleasure from the inside out.We will realign our desire with our power with our hearts, expression, vision and higher knowing so that we may become vessels for real sex magik.

Module 2

Emotional & Bodily Intelligence, Creative Expression


As we strengthen the muscles of our feminine sexual being, we replace subconscious programming, which is based on pain from the past, forming new neural pathways, which allow us to experience more and more pleasure in the present moment.

In this module we will:
Expand our capacities to trust, surrender, receive and run pleasure through our bodies. We will learn how to bring more authenticity and vulnerability into our sexual experience. We will learn how to turn emotional and physical resistance into deeper pleasure. We will strengthen our inner magnetism and powers of attraction. We will activate our intuitive listening and communication with our bodies. We will mine the vital energy and intelligence within our emotions. We will strengthen our capacities for spontaneity and creativity in love making. We will learn the high art of invoking and embodying different archetypes of the Goddess, so that we can live our full feminine range and have more impact in the world through our expression.

Module 3

Relationship with the Masculine

Woman with skirt blowing in the wind at sunset

Feminine power comes from our ability to surrender and receive, to stay soft and open, listening to our bodies, trusting spontaneous creation as it flows through us, moving us in the direction of divine desire.

In this module we will:
Remap our relational history with the masculine. We will release old fear, rage, grief and unforgiveness from our pasts. We will unhook from unconscious feminine personas and patterns that keep us stuck in old patriarchal conditioning. We will learn how to integrate and wield the power of the dark masculine. We will take back our personal projections and receive all the gifts of the divine masculine. We will shift patterns of manipulation, control and guilt into fearless loving. We will learn how to cultivate healthy polarity within our relationships and ourselves. We will expand our capacity to communicate from the body rather than the head. We will learn how to become our own best lovers and turn our sacred, sexual energy into creative inspiration, expression and manifestation.

Module 4

Tantric Mysteries of the Temple Priestesses

Woman is much more multi dimensional than who she thinks she is. When a woman dares to step beyond the limits of her self perception, she finds parts of her Self she didn’t even know were her. Looking in the mirror, initially she says, “This isn’t me.” But as she keeps moving towards the mystery, she merges with the stranger and meets her Self.

In this module we will:
Explore Tantric and somatic practices for cultivating presence and qi, balancing the physical and subtle body systems, transmuting energies and raising frequency. We will learn the art of resonance and how to create and sustain higher frequency resonant fields. We will learn how to read and direct energy for the greatest benefit of all. We will open the inner eye and begin the shift from objective to essence consciousness. We learn how to merge and make love with the subtle body. We will become aware of the Language of Light and learn how to communicate and co-create with the plant, animal and stone tribes. We will play with various priestess practices for cultivating wonder, gratitude, generosity, beauty, ecstasy and innocence. Together, we will create sex magik rituals for planetary healing.

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