Women’s Pelvic Awakening

Women’s Pelvic Awakening Sessions

1 hr sliding scale fee of $100-$150

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Heal Chronic Pain. Change Subconscious Patterns.

orchid close upMany women unknowingly live with pelvic imbalances, resulting from things like childbirth, physical injury, sexual trauma and accumulated stress. Women suffer from chronic conditions such as endometriosis and core tension due to lack of awareness of pelvic health and care.

Pelvic imbalances not only affect a woman’s sexual libido and ability to orgasm, they can affect her whole physical structure and well being. The sacrum, for example, is foundational seat of the entire spinal column. Our feminine reproductive organs aren’t just for having babies. They are also the generators and circulators of sexual, creative energy for our own bodies.

Free Your Life Force. Claim Your Feminine Power.

When a women’s energy is blocked in her vaginal root, it inhibits the flow of energy in her life, which can show up as a lack of physical energy or motivation, weight gain, low self esteem or inability to manifest, among other things.

My integrative pelvic work is about helping women locate, feel and dissolve blocks in the vagina and pelvis and restore core balance. Sessions vary and include Tantric breath and movement practices, external pelvic hands-on healing, internal vaginal massage and talk therapy.

I also offer Skype sessions, during which I guide women in various pelvic breathing and movement practices, holding witness as they enter into the subconscious, interacting with them through their experience and facilitating their process with long distance energy work.

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Quantum Therapy

All of the negative beliefs we secretly hold and our mothers and grandmothers have held around our feminine bodies, sexual energy and creative expression. and all of the subconscious patterns that have sabotaged our lives, that we can’t seem to change, can be accessed and transformed through points in the vagina.

handslotuspondCreating a new healthy relationship with your vagina, pelvis, feminine body and sexuality is the most courageous act of self love you can give to yourself as a woman.

On a personal note, I know the courage it takes for women to allow me to touch them in such a private area of their body. I know the pain they are going through to come to me for help. I have been on my own life long sexual healing journey. I was repeatedly molested as a child, raped as a teenager and diagnosed with cervical cancer as a young woman. Through Tantric practice and other means of holistic care, I fully recovered without surgery or chemotherapy. I bring my personal healing experience to each core restoration session, along with my training in Tantra yoga, Reike and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian temple massage. I provide a safe, compassionate, confidential space for each woman to let go and open into the full range of her sexual creative expression and power.

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