Tantra Games

Mindful Connecting in a Safe Way

Mindful Connecting

Tired of small talk?  Want to make deeper connections quicker?  Come meet mindful singles at our Tantra Puja inspired dating event. A mix of playful exercises will bring out your most genuine self and help you to make meaningful connections.  

 You’ll pair up with different partners, sharing everything from communication games to improv dance to Tantric meditation and light massage.  Exercises range from fun and flirty to sensual and soulful and are designed to inspire authenticity, vulnerability, acceptance and presence. PG rated of course and your level of participation is always your choice.

 Circles are guided and  held in a safe, supportive container.  Group discussion follows each circle.  


Tantra Games at Yoga Soup

Friday, May 25 / 7-9pm

$18 in advance / $25 day of

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