Are You Ready to Embody your Most Powerful, Passionate Self?

Your Feminine Sexual Energy is your Most Powerful Untapped Resource

Harness Your Most Powerful Passionate Self in 2017!
The Women’s Sexual Mystery 4 Weekend Series begins on this Spring
in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Boulder, CO.

Turn on Your Sexuality.
Turn on Your Life.

Lisa Citore’s video, The Awakening of Feminine Sexuality, is an hour-long examination of the current and past paradigms of feminine sexuality and where those practices have been repressed and where they have awakening creative life force.

In my 4-Module Women’s Sexuality Empowerment Program, you will receive all the tools, support, and guidance to effortlessly and permanently:

  • Relax and feel happy in your body
  • Activate your intuitive body wisdom
  • Supercharge your health and vitality through pleasure
  • Cultivate your feminine powers of desire, arousal and attraction for more passion in sexual union
  • Heal sexual wounds and form a new loving partnership with your inner and outer masculine
  • Expand your feminine capacities to trust, surrender and receive for deeper intimacy in your relationships
  • Channel your sexual energy into creative inspiration
  • Generate wealth and abundance in your life through the art of feminestation
  • Embody your feminine divinity and offer her as a blessing to the world

Your feminine sexual energy is your most powerful untapped resource. It’s your sacred life force and is always 100% accessible to you, no matter what age you are and whether you’re happily in love or not. This energy has an intelligence all its own and knows your divinity, your gifts and your wounds better than you do. It knows how to access them and how to free them.

Lisa Citore

Women's Sexual Mystery School

March – September 2017 | Private Goddess Temple

What makes this sexual mystery school different from other Tantra and Taoist schools?

It is specifically designed for women and the awakening of feminine sexuality. In my years of Tantric study, I’ve found that most of what has been written and is being taught comes from masculine traditions. The practices are designed for male bodies and male brains to help men become more vital and conscious. Women’s bodies and how we experience sexual energy is different from men. Through experimenting with many different Tantric practices and refining them to make more sense in my female body, I’m excited to share a new, more feminine based school of sacred sexuality. Or more accurately, an ancient one, as the teachings come from a matriarchal lineage that all women, hold within our bodies.

~ Lisa Citore

Here’s What Women from the 2015 Sexual Mystery School Have to Say About Their Experience:

Lisa’s Sexual Mystery School is the perfect balance of deep sisterhood, edgy, push your boundaries practices and powerful, soulful wisdom, coming from a woman who clearly practices what she preaches.

Elizabeth Williamson

Author & Founder, Principle-Based Partner Yoga™

I have so much to say about the effects of the Sexual Mystery School – where to begin? First, Lisa’s integrity is impeccable. There was never a feeling of being asked to do something that was beyond the boundaries of what I could or would do. When we were asked to sensually explore ourselves, it was a tasteful and sacred space that was held in perfect safety. I especially appreciated how natural and easy it was to talk about the somewhat taboo topics Lisa presented. I trusted it wouldn’t be scary. In fact, it was just the opposite. It was a fun and liberating experience sharing with sisters, who held the sacred space for me as I held it for them, listening and witnessing.

Debby Young

Council Woman, GrandmotherSpeak

This is what impressed me the most – we all lived up to Lisa’s expectations of sister goddesses supporting each other during these break-through classes. It worked because Lisa created the expectation that it would work. I’ve learned from my years of spiritual practice that the guide or shaman we choose is important – because it is the beginning of a life changing journey to accept a shaman’s call. Lisa is truly a shaman of the sacred Feminine. I’m so grateful for her call to my spirit. I often feel the settling in of her teachings days, or weeks later. So deep is the wake up, it has affected all areas of my life.

Debby Young (continued)

Council Woman, GrandmotherSpeak

Lisa’s work is based on her authentic passion for the healing of sexual wounds in women on behalf of blessing the whole planet. Although it’s called a Sexual Mystery School, this 8 month series (which I highly recommend) is so much more than just about sex – it’s about being fully alive – it’s about the very essence or spiritual quality of being a woman.

Debby Young (continued)

Council Woman, GrandmotherSpeak

Her work is subtle, but powerful, opening a new willingness within me. Every class was a healing ritual, working on the subconscious level. I’d wake up a few days later and would hear Lisa’s voice encouraging me to take a chance on pleasure and seek out my husband before he went to work to make love. This has been a surprise re-write of my story that sex is only a sometimes activity, to one where it’s wanted anytime and all the time because I want it.

Debby Young (continued)

Council Woman, GrandmotherSpeak

I see Lisa as a Grandmother doing the evolutionary work that will save our planet. She is a woman who is leading us to balance what the Grandmothers have been trying to restore on earth – not just between men and women, but the yin and yang polarities of the universe. I now understand why disowned energy, specifically sexual energy, is the root of everything from disease to terrorism to wars between countries. I am now taking responsibility for my part in the healing and recIaiming of the disowned Self. I am talking about Lisa’s work with all the women I know. I see her mystery school as awakening the Feminine heart, voice and wisdom from the ground up.

Debby Young (continued)

Council Woman, GrandmotherSpeak

Having the opportunity to work with Lisa is a rare gift!  She is one of the most liberated women I’ve ever met, both spiritually and sexually.  If you long to more fully embody your feminine essence and be the powerhouse you truly are, I highly recommend spending time with this woman.  You will be transformed just by her presence and open secret doors within you through her compassionate guidance.  Very few people are pointing to these doors, let alone guiding others in how to open them. Lisa Citore is a sacred anomaly.

Lamara Heartwell

Coach & Teacher, Body Intelligence

I’ve always thought of myself as liberated when it comes to sex. It’s been humbling to realize, as I enter into my 40s and the third year of a beautiful, stable, mutually loving relationship, that much of my sexual energy has actually been wrapped up in MANY other things besides pleasure and desire. Working with Lisa (both in the Mystery School and in one-on-one sessions) has opened me up to exploring new depths of sexual connection with my partner and myself. My sessions with Lisa have liberated sexual energy coiled up inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. The impeccable container she creates has allowed me to feel my body and heart in ways I didn’t know were possible. I find Lisa to be such a trustworthy practitioner and brilliant teacher of sacred sexuality I’d highly recommend her to anyone interested in this transformational work. In her Mystery School, I’ve sat beside women both half and twice my age, and Lisa was able to bring each one of us to the core of our truths around sex, desire, emotion, trauma, contraction and expanded pleasure. If you feel the call to open to the next level of your sexual experience and expression, sign up for the course of a lifetime with this truly gifted priestess.

Safia Ohlson

Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Lisa’s sexuality work with women is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She masterfully holds the balance of creating safety and pushing boundaries so each woman can meet her shadow aspects and move through them to the other side of strength and power. I’ve particularly benefited from healing my masculine shadow, which has dramatically shifted my relationship with my man, as well as helped me to listen and communicate more compassionately and directly in all of my relationships. Lisa’s grounded presence, bandwidth of permission and sensitivity to each woman’s process and timing holds the kind of alchemical container for real transformation to take place. She packs each class with teachings and experiential learning (so you get your money’s worth), as well as just the right amount of space in between for sharing and reflection. I completely trust her as a guide. I encourage any woman who longs to know her inner Goddess to participate in the Sexual Mystery School. Lisa is the voice of the ancient temple priestesses. She is bringing sexual energy and meditation together, and awakening the Goddess one woman at a time. I am larger, happier, freer – my life is more pleasure-full and rich because of her.

Moriah Day

Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist

One of the primary focuses of Lisa’s sexual mystery school is to help women reclaim our desire. In my shadow work with her I got to see how afraid I’ve been of this power within me to destroy as well as create. I got to release old wounds around being used (in a sexual sense) so I could live my greater longing to be used more fully– to be made love to by life. I had this revelation that my body was a one-of-a-kind musical instrument, to be played, to be sung through, just like the Sufi poets write about – only it was my personal experience! I felt beautiful and sacred from head to toe and from the inside out.  I felt desirable, valuable and surrendered to life in a simple, yet crystal clear as I’ve never felt before. And since this moment of awakening, my approach to everyday life is forever changed. There is less judgment and more willingness, spontaneity and joy.

Fayenen Lathrenwen

Mother, Healer, Coach

I chose to participate in the Women’s Sexual Mystery School because I hadn’t had an orgasm in a long time and in her blog, Lisa said I could have orgasms any and all the time.  She gave detailed descriptions of having orgasms while dancing with the wind, meditating with trees, lying on the earth and listening to music.  I was curious enough to make the eight month commitment.  Over the course, I had a lot of resistance. I didn’t understand, for example, how facing into my feelings of unworthiness was going to help me have orgasms.  I signed up to feel more pleasure – not more pain! My biggest Aha moment was seeing how I had projected my own self hatred onto my ex-husband, who did everything in his power to constantly sabotage my success and happiness.  Up until then, my response to him had always been to take the high road and be as loving as possible, which clearly wasn’t working.  As divine timing would have it, shit hit the fan between my ex and I during the particular module when we were working with our relationship with the masculine and had to embody our own inner tyrant, dominator and violator.  I don’t understand how ritual works, but it does, especially when your guide is a masterful facilitator like Lisa.  She could see me shifting before I even knew what was happening. Surprisingly, I felt so much freedom in reclaiming my hatred– which continues to grow into a self love that is becoming unshakable. I now see challenges with my ex and others as opportunities to heal myself. And to bring my story full circle, shortly thereafter I had my first orgasm in a very long time, followed by another, another and another! The other day I even had an orgasm on the dance floor! I didn’t try to stop it.  I just let it happen. I was completely overtaken by this huge wave of feeling and sensation. All I could do was breathe and let it undulate through my body. I wasn’t embarrassed. I wasn’t concerned about what people would think of me. I thought, “This is a gift.  This is good for you.”  Never in my life would I have thought I could do this. It was so liberating, empowering!  It was pure God.

Rachel Petkus


One thing I really appreciate about Lisa as a teacher is her sense of humor and her ability to mix in laughter with the darkest shadow work.  Yes, there is sisterhood-safety, depth and tenderness in her Sexual Mystery School, but it is so healing to go into my most sensitive wounds and be in tears one moment and fits of laughter the next.  Because I tend to be on the serious side most of the time, the balance of reverence and irreverence she holds is especially liberating.  In her shamanic field of permission and playfulness, I found the courage and compassion to finally face into subconscious patterns that have sabotaged me in relationship. I have so much more capacity now to trust and let go of control in love. I’m able to experience so much more pleasure, not just in sex, but in life.

Dana Some


Lisa’s scope of knowledge from her years of Tantric practice and education gives her a tool belt that’s bigger than most teachers in the field of sexuality.  Her ability to create experiences that help women to embody and have their own personal discovery of their deeper sexuality is what makes her Sexual Mystery School so phenomenal.  I especially appreciate her capacity to trust her authentic knowing in territory where science hasn’t yet caught up. My phd mind not only felt gratified – it felt safe to surrender.

Anne Marie Charest, PhD

Psychologist / Educator

I don’t even have words to say how impactful the Women’s Sexual Mystery School was for me.  Lisa as a teacher is nothing short of awesome!  She has done so much to help me reclaim ALL parts of my sexual self.  I have new permission to fully embody everything from my raw primal self to my irresistible temptress to my exalted Tantric mystic self.  I am more confident, playful and free in sex than ever before, and I feel more pleasure in my body on a regular basis. My whole feminine being has come alive.  She has more range now and expression. She feels more empowered to speak her deepest truth.

Anne B.

Graduate Student