Private Puja for Couples

Tantra Instruction and Ritual

for Couples and Small Groups


Your sexual energy is the most potent force on earth. It is the life blood of your intimate relationship.

happycoupleWhen you bring consciousness to this energy, its fire can super charge your health and happiness, as well as heal and feed the bond between you and your beloved in ways that can take years in traditional therapy.


1 hour Tantra sessions

$100 Couples rate/ Santa Barbara, CA

$100 Couples rate/ Skype

$300 Small groups of 4 or more

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Make Love Like Gods and Goddesses

Puja is the Hindu word for ceremony or celebration. My Tantra pujas are specifically designed to help couples have a deeper sexual spiritual connection within themselves and with each other.

Through Tantric practices, including breath circuits and erotic touch, intimate meditation, heart opening rituals, and playful communication exercises, I inspire couples curiosity, creativity, sensitivity and depth in love making – giving them new ways to cultivate desire, passion and pleasure and nourish sexual intimacy.

When you try something you’ve never done before, you create new neural pathways.

man_kiss_womanNo previous Tantric experience is necessary.  I offer these sacred sensual ceremonies to couples and private groups. They make for special birthday and anniversary gifts, as well as uniquely fun dinner parties.

What men and women like you are saying about my Tantra pujas:

“The Tantra puja opened in me new ways of connecting with the divine feminine as a male from a holistic, heart centered and empowered place. I laughed, cried (actually sobbed), was excited and deeply moved. Lisa’s level of professionalism, insight, compassion, integrity, presence and tenderness made the event rich, rewarding, vulnerable and safe.”

– Jeff Regan, Building Contractor

“Lisa Citore is one of the most brave and heartfelt women on the planet today. Her fearless nature always meets her students at their innermost edge with great compassion and wisdom. And this courage is a mere reflection of the inner landscapes she has traversed in herself with deep honesty and great love. She holds powerful transformational sexual spiritual space, and is healing the wounds between men and women, and paving the way for whole new realms of sexual intimacy.

– Timothy Tillman, Somatic Psychologist

“Lisa creates a safe container for me to explore not so easy concepts that I have unconsciously held onto within my male being.  Specifically, in her ceremonies, she allows each of us to be a reflection of our own deep beauty and notice the subtle judgmental triggers that keep us from living in that beauty. Through her guidance, encouragement and presence, I was able to find hidden concepts within myself and sexuality, and step into a new paradigm of relationship. The feedback that I’ve received from my lovers since being initiated by Lisa is that I bring a level or presence, masculinity, vitality, and creative / curious expression that is seemingly rare in the majority of men today.  I am honored to have been touched so deeply by her teachings and do my best to embody this new, powerful paradigm of authentic, transparent masculinity and sexuality. Lisa’s deep heart, connection to spirit, fiercely loving spot on expression, and wise sense of humor with regards to holding a healthy balance between reverence and irreverence is a combination you don’t often find teacher. She is truly a master of her art.”

– Rion Beauregard,  Web Design/ Permaculture Design

“I have been blessed to attend several of Lisa’s Tantra Pujas.  Each one was unique and each one opened up a doorway that allowed a more intimate connection with my beloved and with my own sweet lover within. Her choice of ecstatic love poems always seemed to come at just the perfect time to land in a very deep way. Lisa is a masterful artist and guide in the realm of sensual, intimate, juicy connection. I highly recommend her work!”

– Wayne Marshall, founder, Kaizen Marketing

“Lisa’s Tantric pujas  are an amazing journeys into expanding your ability to open to more love with yourself, your partner and everyone you meet.   If you want to feel cherished, honored and beautiful  like a bride again, give yourself this gift. Lisa is a deep and knowledgeable priestess in the ways of passion and pleasure, and always infuses her pujas with the most sublime poetry, music, creative intimacy exercises and sacred playfulness.”

– Savanah Rose, Managing Director OPM Services

“Lisa’s work is edgy fun.  I always feel like I’ve just been to an amazing party and learned tons of stuff.”

– Moriah Day  Yoga Instructor/Massage Therapist

“Lisa’s work goes deeper than and rises above other work in this field. Only certain individuals can create magic in learning – and she does!”

– Dr Erika, MD

“Lisa is intuitive, creative and practical – emphasizing experiential learning in the body versus discussions on sexuality. Her teaching style reflects her deep knowledge and devotion to the Tantric path. I’ve studied Tantra for 18 years and am grateful to hone my practice under the guidance of such a Goddess.”

– Catherine Cooley, Director

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