Did you know receiving requires more emotional capacity and intelligence than giving?

Rose_Yoni_Blog_Featured_ImageMy man is both intimidated and intrigued by my pleasure practice.  He is excited of course to be a participant, but not so keen on the idea of going public with our sex life.

“What are you going to say about me?” he asks.

I tell him again that the blog is about feminine pleasure-and specifically how my choice to open or close to sexual pleasure effects my life and the world around me.

Not surprisingly on the second day, my resistance shows up. My man and I have a pleasure date scheduled for eight o’clock in the morning because I have a meeting at ten that will probably take up most of my day.  And at eight a.m. I don’t want to be bothered with pleasure. I want to just lay in bed and listen to the birds. I’m not ready to engage with another human being.  I don’t feel sexy. I feel sleepy.

“Remember this is for you,” my man gently reminds me. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“Then let me listen to the birds!”  I try to make him the bad guy, even though the daily pleasure practice was my idea.  But I am coaxed by his words.

“Really?  It’s really enough? “I look at him, but don’t say it out loud. “To just receive?” Not fully believing him, not fully believing I’m worthy, although this is what I’ve asked for.

He smiles, pulling down the covers slowly, his eyes beaming with masculine adoration.

“Yes,” he says with soft kisses on my belly, “The greatest gift you can give a man is to receive his love.”