Dear Luscious YOU!

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Yes, what you’re wondering about sex is true.

There is more to your sexuality than you’re currently experiencing.

Sex is more than a means of gratification.

The ability to wield sexual energy is a feminine super power.

Women do experience and express sex and sexuality in profoundly different ways than men.

Sexuality and sexual expression does look different on every woman.

And yes, all of this can be confusing.

I want you to know that your confusion is ancient.

I want you to know you’re not alone.

This confusion started four thousand years ago, when matriarchal culture was destroyed and the feminine, sex and the body were cast out by patriarchal religion.

This “unholy” trinity has been sleeping in the subconscious of Woman ever since.

She is ready to wake up in those of us who are willing to go within and reclaim Her magic, wisdom and power.

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Imagine what it would be like for all women to:

  • Feel good – really really good – in our feminine bodies, regardless of size, shape or age.
  • Feel safe in the world as fully awakened and expressed sexual feminine beings.
  • Trust our desire and our ability to discern.
  • Relate with others from a place of deep inward relaxation.
  • Be completely open with our lovers and have transcendent sexual experiences.
  • Never feel like we have to perform or please others to be valued and valuable.
  • Have easy access to our intuitive power and divine direction.
  • Live from and through our feminine essence of pure receptivity, heart knowing, spontaneous creation and ecstatic aliveness.

While all of the above is our birthright as women, it’s easy to forget.

Which is why I created a 9 month program to bring women from all walks of life into living rooms and community centers across the country to remember together.

If you feel a big YES to waking up your feminine sexuality and essence, check out my new immersive workshop, the Women’s Sexual Mystery School

One Yes, your Yes has the power to change the world.

Birthing feminine consciousness in the world is the same as birthing a child.
The change begins inside women’s minds, hearts and bodies.

As women wake up and speak up from our feminine heart knowing, our communities, corporations and governments will begin to change with us.

The temple priestesses of matriarchal cultures knew this deep magic.

They have been waiting for thousands of years to share it with us.

Are you ready to open to your magic?

Expectantly yours,


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